MRI in Philippines Hospital

2009-08-13 15:28:05

MRI in Philippines Hospital
I had and MRI in the Lorma private Hospital in city of San Fernando, Philippines in the province of La Union. I suppose this is a form of Medical Tourism, however with a twist because I do not return home.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

6700 for MRL
1000 for report
500 for discussion with Doctor prior to MRI
300 for discussion with Orthopedic Doctor

9000 more or less, or about 185 US Dollars
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI),

Bauang or San Fernando Philippines
Southeast Asia
Friday, August 14, 2009


My Thai Girlfriend took this photo, as they were ready to stuff me below the machine for 45 minutes.

A view of Andy the under a MRI machine. Truly, this is like doing a 45-minute of meditation with a mantra being inserted into my brain.

This is the report, they are saying a bulge a disk in number 4 or something is pushing again my nerves.

I am still baffled; I keep talking about the cyst, nodule, a small piece of growth sitting on my top of my hip joint that hurts. They tell me this is irrelevant, however all pain start there, not in my spine.

I had a great conversation with the orthopedic doctor, he made me do many exercises, and push again his arm. Then said,
“If you had spine problems you would not be able to do that.”

I was laughing, I way lying on my back on the office bed. He put his hand on my knee and said push up. I pushed up, but not very hard, he said push harder. I was not sure of his goal, his Philippines English evaded my understanding, I finally realized he wanted me to push as hard as I could with my right leg. I then pushed hard; he realized he could not stop it.

I was laughing, if he would at first told me to pull or push my knee up as hard as I could, I would have thrown the small man back about five feet. I think he believed he could stop my leg, I knew this was impossible; my leg muscles can lift a man off the floor with no problem.

Solution, is there a solution, I am still baffled, they want me to go to Physical Therapy two times per week for about a month. I am going to do this, at least until I am positive I do not know more about muscles than the Physical Therapist. I read Muscle Fitness magazine for about 14 years and worked out for at least 14 years, my knowledge of how the muscles work is pretty good if not excellent. I tend to believe most people cannot motivate themselves to do the right thing, they need help.

I still have the cyst; I will do a refocus session with the doctors and get them to focus on looking at the cyst and not my spine. I also have the MRI on a DVD and can send to one of my best friends who is a doctor in Las Vegas by the name of Jeff W.

As always, a lot of focus on diagnose, and very little focus on solutions.

I am going to find a Chiropractor here in Bauang or San Fernando, La Union to go to also, I think we can talk about how to get that disk in my back into proper alignment.

The Doctor said,
“Carrying 30-40 Kilos around, walking into and out of cities is what a soldier does.”

I am 53, I suppose I am still 23 in my mind, and have trouble not picking up the load and walking the road.

I guess the gear heads will be happy, I have never been a wimp, but for sure, I will be focusing on wheels for backpacks or travel bags.

I guesstimate I carry on my back and stomach double the weight of the average backpacker. The tourist in the Philippines are in terrible condition, this makes the doctor expect people to be weak.

Going light is for people on vacations, I see having my whole travelers nest as the minimum requirement of my happiness, and I am into enjoying my travel. I am not going to sacrifice happiness, I am not proving into proving I can sacrifice. I can do the 35-hour bus trips without a problem. Generally people want to pride themselves in going light, they never say to the readers, they do not have the strength to go heavy.. hehehe

I am focusing on the goal, the stopping of this pain that emanates from around the cyst or nodule.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

I know there are many people around the world who have serious medical problems and the medical care situation in the USA is touch and go. I see the cost of medical care in the USA as ridiculously high. The Lorma Hospital here in San Fernando is where all the Vietnam Vets or those who hang around the VFW go as best I can tell, it is a private Hospital with about 50 percent of the Doctors speaking great English. I can stop and talk with any of them for about 10 dollars a conversation, this is windfall to be able to interview them for intuitive intelligence, then make a decision on my part.

MRI in Philippines Hospital

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