Mr Hidalgo starts Cuba

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Mr. Andres Hidalgo will take over this Travel Journal for the next couple of weeks. Please treat him with respect, he is a good person. I will be emailing with him daily, editing a lot of his work, and trying to make his life easy. I will probably go back to Miragoane, a truly nice city here in Haiti to relax, and wait for his return.

Port-au-Prince, Haiti - Ayiti - Thursday, December 3, 2009
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I want him to post about 15 photos per day, so we can see, not read the truth.

Mr. Hidalgo Starts in Cuba

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Mom Says, I really do not care what your friend does in Cuba But I do care about you. PLEASE do not use this as a excuse to go get married. Your dad and I would like to meet the lady you marry. We are sure she is nice and may be a great wife but it would be nice if you did something predictable for once in your life like bringing her home for your family to meet sooner instead of later.



Going across Idaho between Lewiston, ID and Lolo, Montana you should stop at my brother's family's resort, "Three Rivers" at the confluence of 3 designated Wild and Scenic Rivers (Lochsa/Selway/Middle Fork Clearwater) at the foot of Lolo Pass - Lewis and Clark's route. Also there are 4 hotsprings (!) on the scenic drive between my brother's resort and Lolo, MT and the camping is really some of the best! Tell 'em Chris says HI!