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Moyale Kenya

Moyale Kenya
There is a nice internet café in Moyale, Kenya and many unfriendly and difficult people. The Transport Brokers can drive you crazy trying to convince you to get on top of a big truck so they can make a commission, not a group to be trusted under any circumstances.

It is probably better to live on Ethiopia side, cross the border in the early morning and fight you way onto a large dual axel grain truck.
There is no simple transportation from Moyale, Kenya to Marsabit or Isiolo, Kenya.

Moyale, Kenya
East Africa
Sunday, March 29, 2009

I needed to travel from Moyale, Kenya to either Marsabit or Isiolo, I am very lucky to finally decide on Isiolo. I am extremely happy to have this 27 hours of madness ended.

A person somehow has to fight to go with a convoy of large grain trucks that leave every morning at 9:00 am. The road is dangerous, there are robbers along the way; the locals can not explain the trip clearly other than to continuously demand money.

There are two types of trucks, grain and cattle, for sure the cattle truck are very dangerous and should not be considered for any reason.

The truck goes under trees with large pickers on them; these trees scrape the top of the truck and can remove your eyes and cut you to pieces. If you are on a cattle truck, you cannot jump down into the trust for safety because the cattle with horns are also dangerous.

The first day I tried to get a truck I got into a grain truck and the transport brokers got into a huge argument. They made me get out of the truck and then tried to load me onto this cattle truck. While I was standing there, two other white people came up and were loaded onto the top of this cattle truck. The broker were furious with me, I said there is no way I am going to ride on a steel bar for 8 hours as they explained.

The next day I got on a truck full of large bags of beans and had a safe and enjoyable direct overnight trip to Isiolo, Kenya that took 27 hours for 1000 Shilling, this truly makes Ethiopia a dreamland for transportation.

I stayed in the Bismillahi Hotel, the Sherif Hotel recommended by the Lonely Planet had problems with door locks and was in the center of the chaos, not that the Bismillahi was much better, but the door locks were better. All in all the city is a dump; the area close to the truck loading area is outrageously primitive and tribal in behavior. A person can walk back beyond the main business area and find a market and some normal people, however best to get on the road to Isiolo and try to forget this city in Kenya.

This is the internet café in Moyale, Kenya, I am presently in Isiolo and this internet café is probably better than any of the ones in Isiolo. In addition, they have some nice greasy chips made by an English speaking and nice girl by the name of Christina. This is the only sane place I found in the city of Moyale to relax outside my room.

Strangely, the electricity seems to be better in Kenya than in Ethiopia.

Hard to say, however Ethiopia was a much friendlier and easier place so far to travel than in Kenya.

Moyale Kenya