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Motor Home in USA, but Caravan

Motor Home

In the rest of the world they call them Caravans, however in the USA they call them Motor Homes, a home with a Motor.

I am plotting to travel the USA, and I am thinking I will buy a Motor Home the next time I return home. I can find a very good one for around 1000-2000 dollars. I am very mechanical and a motor home does not get touch treatment.

Most rich type or too much money for themselves people buy them and keep them safe, stored in barns, and never use them, so a motor home is a almost always in good shape.

I need to buy one...
Small enough to fit in normal parking spot.
Able to walk from drivers area to back without going outside.
Shower and toilet inside.

Should start to make a list

I am thinking this will be better than a mini-van, I could snag travelers in Hostels to share the gas expense.

I am going to find out about doing the same in Europe.