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Mom I am Still Alive in Guatemala

My mother wrote me,
"Are you ok?"
"You have not blogged in a couple of days."

I wrote her back, explaining I have been working on writing a book, and I am busy. What can I say; I can only write about two hours per day, or maybe about 1000 words, after that my writer’s juice is gone for the day.

San Pedro, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala --- Thursday, May 27, 2010
By Andy Graham of


I have written 7000 plus words, I suspect the book will hover around 25,000 words, and should be completed in about 60 more days. (I know the math is incongruent.)

I have finally found my motivation, or anger, maybe my frustrations. There is something that has inspired me, whatever the reason, I am writing a book.

What is the book about?
I will explain how any average person who can afford 500 dollars per month can move to Paradise. More or less the step-by-step process of doing this, all in one book, and not spread all over the site, as is now the case.

My Revelation
There are two major types of writers who explain living abroad.

1. One destination writers, saying something like "Move to Thailand." Writers, that seldom do live in more than about three countries and their sites turn into I am going to sell you real estate sites.

2. Sell the Dream writers, I will not mention them, but there is tons of Bloggers and writers who write books about how to travel or live, they all propose that travel is the only life, sort of delusional selling to the masses.

Why do they all stop if this life is so great? I am not going to stop living in Paradise, and there is a simple reason, because I am in Paradise, that is an essential difference, and a good reason to write a book, I do not stop traveling because I truly do have a life in Paradise.

If you want something to do Mom, go look at my photos, I have all the Cuba and Ethiopia photos up now.

My motivation is more about, I feel that everyone in the world would benefit by taking a break, a pause, a caesura, that sabbatical, that time in your life when you stop, look at your navel and say,
"Why am I here?

There is an epiphany that happens, when we leave our native countries and look back in, I am not talking about the grateful persons, not the people that are angry and leave. I love my country more now than when I left, but I have my eyes wide open. Plus, generally, people have eaten this buy music so long, they are clueless to understand the difference between a needs and wants.

Mom I am Still Alive in Guatemala