Mission of One Reader of HoboTraveler.com

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Many readers of this journal are on a mission, I received a great email today

Hi Andy, thanks for responding.

…. (removed a portion)

I have visited Hobotraveler.com for a little over a year now and am truly inspired by your lifestyle, which is the antithesis of my current lifestyle (which I absolutely detest). If you don't mind, could you please tell me what advice you would have for someone looking to make a transition from 9-to-5 life to your type of lifestyle? I'm sure that someone with your extensive experience around the world would be able to offer some great insight.

- Chris ("Random Blogger")

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Tuesday, January 26, 2010
By Andy Graham of HoboTraveler.com
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Two Different People
We are different, what will work for me, will not work for you.

Thank you Chris for writing clearly your wishes, I will not click reply. I know within this site, there are 1000’s of insights, that is your job to find them. One percent of readers will make the time, and take what they need, and the other 99 percent will want simple answers.

I can only guide, I try to keep people on the path, and somehow people refuse to follow success. A flimflam man comes along, selling secrets, books, and potions and they buy. Never asking himself or herself, is this person really living the dream, or are they selling dreams.

Many a person makes money selling dreams, very few live their dreams.

Mission of One Reader of HoboTraveler.com

Motorcycle Bob

Chris wrote: ".....could you please tell me what advice you would have for someone looking to make a transition from 9-to-5 life to your type of lifestyle?....."

Having read Andy's blog for years now, and having read all of it, as well as many other travel bloggers including MC traveler, I would have to agree with what Andy wrote. I am not a *lifer* like Andy, only taking 5 or 6 weeks vacation a year, but what I have gathered from all of them is **You Can Do It***. Don't be afraid. There is no recipe for doing it, just go. Save a little money, pack a light bag and walk out the front door.

Everyone does it differently. Some hit the road and don't last. Some people are content not travelling. Probably the best way to hit the road is to spend all your time at work reading how other people travel, then when they let you go you can have plenty of time to travel. 8^)

Bob L

John Tadpole

Andy, Great answer for Chris. I for one have lived both sides and maybe a couple curves of your lives and we truely are all different and only some things work for some people. I traveled the US in a van for several years which is totally different than backpacking and was totally different on the road with a band just making a living. Each were fun but also very different in so many ways.