Mirebalais Haiti Stop

I woke up beat, weak, fatigued; I wanted to go to Cap-Haitien, only made it to Mirebalais.

There is so much that happens in a short space of time, it is impossible to explain. I took a Moto to the Cap Haitien stop, it was a zoo. The baggage guys got in a big fight over my bag, one of the drivers spoke English, says I will get you a good, seat, I get on the old American style school, but he says I have seat 39 in the back. I grab my money back, he calls me a bad man, which translates to, and you will not allow me to screw you.

I take a another Moto where they have Machines, or truly just vans where they put 22 people in them, and four more if it was possible. This was a direct van trip to Mirebalais.

Port-au-Prince, Haiti --- Friday, January 1, 2010
By Andy Graham of HoboTraveler.com
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I ate something wrong yesterday; I could not go 10 hours without a toilet on a Haitian Bus, all these shifting variables. It is impossible to explain all the reason I go, or do not go, why I do what I do. All I can tell you 100 percent, I am not a tourist, if I do not see something in a country, I will not care. I know the world is way too big to see, I take what is enjoyable and that is often questionable.

Note that speaking English often means they are a DP, deported.

Mirebalais Haiti Stop
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