Military vs Civilian Travel Gear

25 Percent of the travel gear I carry is "Something Military." The gear was originally designed and manufactured for use by soldiers. I go into Army Surplus stores 10 times more than I go into gear shops,

My Army Style Mess Kit --- Purchased in Ghent, Belgium at a flea market.

Is it French Army?
Is it British Army?
Is it Swiss, Belgium, I am not positive.

Is this a French or British Mess Kit?
Army Style Mess Kit - Yeomans Outdoor
Authentic French Armee Mess Kit, Fatigues Army Navy Surplus Gear
Army Surplus
French Mess Kit -
French Mess Kit Photo
Hi Gear Army Style Mess Kit Camping Equipment
Vietnam - Equipment and Uniform

My Assumption
Pots and Pans used for 2.5 Million soldiers are tested.
Pants made for 2.5 Million soldiers are tested.
Backpacks made for 2.5 Million solders are tested.

Panajachel, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala --- Friday, April 2, 2010
By Andy Graham of


Goal of Designing Gear
Perfect gear is perfect gear; it is not important who designs it.

IF designed by the Military of the USA, British, Australian, Swiss, German, Japanese or any of 252 possible countries.


Civilian Companies:
IF Victorinox, Northface, Osprey, Kelty or the thousands of other companies design it.

Some Hobo in Guatemala chasing a Windmill Backpack Design.

Fashion or Trends Rules Gear Designs
Fashion rules the backpack, and gear industry, or 90 percent of travelers would be walking around with Army Surplus gear.

Collection of Good Ideas
JD an ex-Vietnam Veteran, a man from the USA who lives in Baguio, Philippines put his finger on the pulse, the goal, the focus when he wrote the comment,

"I'm sure that by the time you add your 12 years of civilian packing along with current military specs, you just may come up with an outstanding 'hybrid' that solves a lot of the problems you have identified."
- JD Marketing Automation of Backpacks

This is the goal, to collect all the good ideas in one location, with solutions to problems.

Formula is:
Military + Civilian + Experienced Travelers + All Good Ideas Submitted + Photos = The Best Possible Gear

This is the Backpack page where I am collecting all good ideas and photos:

I suppose if a person made the perfect backpack, they could sell it to the Military.

Military vs Civilian Travel Gear