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Micro Entrepreneurs for West Africa

2006-10-27 04:28:00

Micro Entrepreneurs
Natitingou Benin West Africa
Monday, October 2, 2006

I am bugged about something, there is something trying to eat it way out of my head, except I cannot find the clarity. There is a clear thought arising out of my confusion. I think journalizing or writing in a diary helps take them abstract haphazard thought mulling around and hatches them into swans.

Africa is a vast wasteland of empty ideas, the food is French, where are the original, I be Africa, American ingenuity thoughts? I be Africa is not the best examples…

I have started four for sure businesses, and put my fingers in many a dike.
1. Internet one… HoboTraveler.com
2. Real Estate investor - Broker
3. Wood Bed Manufacturer.
4. Rented Bunk Beds to Dorm Students.

I can real off a new idea for a business faster than I can explain them, but so what, does not matter what I think, it is what I do, and complete that helps me along they way.

Mining idea is difficult, how to take a good idea, mix it up with the right and left-brains, feed it some motivations, lead it to the water, and let it fly away is not a science. Business is an abstract, I do it until I succeed or else art, essentially founded on or in a person who says, I will never give up.

A business is easy, do everything, try everything, stick with it, after 3-5 years you will know everything that can go wrong, will have done all of them, and when you are there, you know, you will do what is correct and succeed. Paying the price of 3-5 years of starving is not what people are willing to do though, therein lies the problem.

A franchise is buying success, and not having to know what does not work, you just perform what works and who cares for the why.

I was listening to Sara explain how she talked business or was helping a man who wanted to maybe buy the local distributorship for a semi-soft drinking acting like a miracle cure of what ails you. It took me a long time to suss out from her, is it real help or just snake oil. A good business gives something of value in exchange for money. To sell snake oil that will cure anything loses in the long run or they through you in jail or run you out the city on a rail, not a long-term -…. Hehehe sustainable business, I like to use that word in a sarcastic way. The word is good, how people use it for marketing is bad.

A nice and enjoyable, thriving business can grow, expand and does not really understand how to recede or have itself a recession. I could start many businesses in Africa, the fear for me, is I do well, and then the corrupt city officials take the money or the business and out goes the lights. A business needs a good social contract intact to survive and prosper. The oil business can pay many soft-bribes, a small hotel cannot. Therefore you almost need hit and run business, that cannot be nailed down to one location… hehehe

Micro Entrepreneurs
Sort of a silly phrase, but gives the small person the idea he can do it, and if he gets big, so what, he was not a micro, all businesses venture start out with a small idea. Bill Gates was a garage, it he a Micro Entrepreneur or a Macro; however this give hope in this phrase.

I am thinking, the good businesses are in Africa all ready, the appropriate, good idea are probably already underway, hard to invent or come up with the Bill Gate type of ideas. However, good expanding, never receding ideas can always be found.

I saw this potato chip making machine in Pasto, Colombia, I love these homemade, made in front of you, potato chips. Hmm good, I like them too much; everywhere in Pasto, I could buy these chips. I stayed maybe two days, thinking, I am going to get to eat these all through Colombia, it is some Colombia type thing. I restrained myself, only ate them one time. I traveled north and never saw this machine, cooking, slice, dice, cut chips and fry them thing again. It was a street kiosk, wheel around the city job. They were everywhere, but not seen again in Colombia, maybe they have spread around the country.

This is the nature of small city business; one person sells orange, then everyone copies in that city.

Now, in Africa, there are many small on the corner business ventures, almost void of real good ideas, it is like the copied the French and were caught in the vise, never expanded. There is all this Micro Finance money around, but let us be real, we need some good ideas for the money.

What the idea to me is this, why not collect all the photos of good ideas, and put them together as like an entrepreneur seminar brochure invest in this and get rich book on the internet.

How to motivate people to take photos, send to me, a.k.a, Andy, and I will gladly post them all on the internet. Then when some Sara, has no experience in business wants to show this man how to do business, at least she can pull out the manual of good Africa based ideas. People could drive around Africa and take photos of all the small Micro Entrepreneur ideas and send to me.

Micro Entrepreneurs

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