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Miami is more Violent than Haiti

Cultural diversity is dangerous. I am here in the center of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. I have been walking around in the center of the city for a couple of days. The electricity here in the Executif Inn, located on Rue Lamarre goes off nightly at about 6:00 pm, and returns at 1-3 am. Every night at about 8-9, I walk down and sit in front of the building hoping to observe the prostitutes.

There are no prostitutes in front of my Hotel. Hmm, am I in the wrong country? Where are the violent gangs? I want to see that stereotypical view of Haiti, maybe I need to go to Miami.

There is no cultural diversity in this neighborhood, when I walk around with my friend Mathew, he says hello to everyone. They all scoot him off, because they know he is money grabber, he likes to drink. However, they say hello back, they treat him with respect, because is a neighbor, he lives up the street called Rue Borgella.

Port-au-Prince, Haiti - Ayiti - Thursday, November 26, 2009
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What is Cultural Diversity?
First, it is dangerous.
Second, it is fun, and interesting.
Third, it is the big cities in the USA like Miami.
Fourth, there is little in Haiti.

Why does everyone preach “Cultural Diversity,” because it is needed in developed countries invaded by immigrants? Cultures must have respect for other cultures. We must not be cultural blind, we must allow other cultures to be different, or we will kill each other. Haiti is not a melting pot of cultures, people are leaving, and they are not coming.

Why does the Islamic World hate the USA.
Because they do not want the USA to bring in our tolerance for religion, race, sex, homosexual, lesbian, old, young, poor, rich, ugly, beautiful, short, tall, fat, skinny, Mexican, Cuban, Peruvian, Ecuador and Haitian.

I would say, this list describes Miami, it does not describe Haiti. There appears to be two classes of people here, the rich 5-10 percent and the other 90-95 percent.

The Islamic World wants Islamic law, not cultural diversity, more or less, they are saying,
“No immigrants.”

Where are the gangs in Haiti?
I would surmise, it is generally composed of the 90-95 percent of normal citizens. I believe they do not like being ruled by the 5 percent rich in Haiti. There has to be tension, the rich get richer, and poor stay on the bottom, there is no further down to go, with no opportunity unless they get involves with the government.

Where are the dangerous gangs in Haiti?
If you want to be rich in an underdeveloped country like Haiti: you need to become part of the Government, Police, Mayors, etc. then you have the ability to take money.
(There were 40 people killed in the Philippines, the same problem, but worst in the Philippines.)

So gangs form, people from the left, the right, the Republican, the Democrats, they all get in horrible fights for power. In the USA, the Republicans all vote no for Health Care, while all the Democrats for yes. Two large gangs are fighting with words in the USA. Here in Haiti, it is much more down to earth; they just put together a paid gang, and go kill the opposition. Sometimes, they need to call in the United Nations to keep them in power; this appears to be what is happening now. This country is full of United Nations Military, another huge gang who strives for control.

One of the first things I was told as a traveler,
“Do not talk about Politics or Religion.”

Well, if I heed that advice, and do not get involved in the government of Haiti, controlled by the rich and famous, then I am safe. I can just roam around freely with the 95 percent of people in Haiti that are not involved in the fight. If I associate with the rich, I suppose I would be hated.

The 95 percent of people in Haiti have no cultural diversity, they are all in the same class level, they are all black, nobody is radically different, and most people are the same.

Miami, wow, what a mess, a true melting pot of angry people, they came to the USA to get rich where the street are paved with gold. They did not want freedom, they wanted money. Well, mom is back home in Haiti, she is not watching, I do not know my neighbors….
“Why not, lets join a local gang,”
and take what we want, a complete breakdown of cultural norms. This is cultural diversity, and the reason we must teach tolerance.

I am enjoying my stay in Haiti; I like cultures with little or no cultural diversity. It is more enjoyable, easier to focus and learn one culture at a time. This is not Africa; there are no Tribal gangs, so life calmer than Africa.

Mafias run the world, and the governments are the biggest ones, you allow them to collect their money and they are happy. Try to stop it, get involved, then life is dangerous.

Miami is More Violent than Haiti


What is with the bitter/cynical pill today? Sounds like your triptophan levels are off. You know as an American it is in our DNA that you have to watch that kind of thing. Do they have no turkeys out there in Haiti?? Happy Thanksgiving. If anything, be thankful the gangs haven't let you into the game.


Happy Thanksgiving, people do not realize it, but there questions are always going to be fear based when dealing with Haiti. A writer must writ about what the reader understans and compare to what is bein explained. If I would have talked bad only about Haiti, it would not be cynical.

This is cynical because I am not supposed to explain the USA. The USA is to be explained as good.

There is no way to tell the truth and have people happy.