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Medical Tourism Thailand or Where

Medical Tourism
I am in Thailand for Medical help, I trust Thailand more than I trust Central or South America, and not so sure, maybe more than the USA in ways, I do not have the money to buy USA, I can not do a complete physical in the USA.

This must be Medical Tourism; I can come here and have a Doctor or Laboratory work for maybe one-tenth the cost of the USA.

I will search for a doctor that cares about me, and does not advertise on the Internet and does not have an office in Phuket or Koh Samui or cater to foreigners, I want one that wants to cure and help people, not just wanting to suck out the money of foreigners.

Bangkok, Thailand Khao San Road Area
Thursday, June 26, 2008
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I am here for serious medical concerns and not the elective situations like a tummy tuck, or face life, or the gender changes that probably happen here. I feel weak and sickly, I do not feel up to speed, I need to get this figure out, I do not feel ready to attack, I feel in retreat.

My kidneys, or something is painful, they told me I had a Parasite in Guatemala, I took all the medicines, my new diet has relieve 80 percent of the pain, however there is something wrong, my blood pressure seems good, but there is pain in my lower back area around the kidneys.

Thailand people do not speak English well; however, they do concentrate and are more diligent mentally than Central or South America. I for sure do not want to go to Africa and have a Medical problems, from my experience the best values for medical or dental work is in Thailand.

I am lucky, I will have a friend that can help me translate and communicate with the Doctors of Laboratory test people. Maybe this is what people need more than searching for a Hospital that wants foreigners; they need a translator that helps. I do not trust a hospital that is set up to make gouge levels of income from Tourist, I do think money interrupt the moral fiber of people, and they start making decision because of money and not because of need.

Money can make a nice person into a liar in seconds, they must truly believe people will believe their lies, a honest translator can stop this, if you can find an honest anyone that helps foreigners. Medical Tourism can be the worlds biggest scam trap if you are not careful, and it leaves a bad taste in my mouth when I learn I was charge five times more than the locals, because I was a foreigner.

Medical Tourism