Medical Tourism Hospitals in Big Cities

Medical Tourism Hospitals in Big Cities
I am here in San Fernando, La Union the Philippines visiting small Doctors in small Hospitals. It is sad and frustrating; I talked with a great Doctor by the name of Neil Ambasing in Bethany Hospital. He specializes in Neurological Medicine. He is telling I need to go to St. Lukes Hospital in Manila, or more correctly in Quezon City to diagnose what type of nodule or cyst is on my back. The small hospital does not have the proper medical equipment.

My father is in the USA, now making trips from Orland, Indiana to either Fort Wayne, or Indianapolis for his cancer.

50 Miles to Fort Wayne
150 Miles to Indianapolis

Bauang - Paringao - San Fernando, Philippines
La Union Province
Southeast Asia
Thursday, September 17, 2009
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Doctor Ambasing wants me to get a MRI with a machine that is greater than .2, or as he wrote it >.2

I am a free man, I can live anywhere in any country on the planet, I have no reason to go home, because I have no home. My father has a house; he is tied to this house and feels obligated to return to his home. About one year ago, he and my mother moved to Fort Wayne for one month and paid and outrageous amount of rent to live there so they could get cancer treatment.

Sadly, it appears in any country on the planet, a person must somehow travel to the largest cities to get the best Medical Treatment because of equipment. I am not worried about the cost of the Medical treatment I am know it cost a small fortune to live in Manila. I need to pay 25 Dollars per night, and still I need to take a taxi for 2-3 hours per day to make it to Quezon City.

As I wrote this, I thought to myself, I am planning on going to Lima, Peru. I can go live there a better room cheaper. Then go to what I believe may well be better Hospital in Peru. The cost of living in Lima is about one-fifth the cost of living in Manila and the daily quality of life is twice as good.

I speak Spanish Fluently; this makes Lima, Peru and option.

However, as a Medical Tourist, I am realizing, you may as well forget the small cities, the same as the USA, they all point you to the largest of the large. In addition, trust me Manila is outrageously congested, polluted and annoying, with a few great perks, generally one of the worst cities on the planet.

I will go again today and talk with Neil Ambasing in Bethany Hospital, I am going to ask him to call Angeles City and ask about the MRI machines there. Angeles City is half the price of Manila, and the quality of life there is better. It cost 5 dollars per meeting with Doctor Ambasing, or 250 Pesos.

I already got one MRI of my lower lumbar or spine, I now need to get one of my hip joint, or where the nodule is, I point a the nodule and everyone points somewhere else. It cost 150 Dollars to get an MRI here in the Philippine and as best, I understand about 4000 Dollars in the USA.

What an amazing difference in price to turn on a machine.

I am leaning towards flying to the USA, saying hello to my parents, then flying to Lima, Peru where I sense the Doctors are better. I was there a year ago and visited a Hospital, the clarity of the how to diagnose this problem was much better, or felt more honest.

On the Human Development Index Peru is rated 79, while the Philippines is rated 102, Thailand is rated 81, does this mean anything, I would say yes, it is the overall cultural development that sets the mean level of care.

Medical Tourism Hospitals in Big Cities


Andy, I know that you have probably already considered it (and I hope you don't bite my head off, heehee). But, why not see a specialist in the US when you visit your family. It's only money and I can't believe I'm saying that because I'm FRUGAL. It's just that quality of life counts for something and I believe your pain is effecting your quality of life.

Maybe they could remove the cyst and biopsy it and find out something. It doesn't have to take very long. That said, I do find your writings on the medical system in other countries interesting to read.


Frugal, you are 100 percent correct. I have been talking with my friend Jeff W who is a new Doctor in the USA. I am going to get all the test, MRI, X-rays, blood, and a biopsy here for 1/50 the price.

I can take these test to the USA or email them to him, he is not a specialist in this area.

Get all the test here, get the diagnose there.

The ultimate problem here or there is this. There is no solution to my problem, none of the Doctors have given me any solution. They will talk, think, explain the problem, but nobody can give me one solution.

I think the solution is a change of lifestyle, I must lose 15 pounds, walk fast, do stretches like Yogo, and exercise my left gluteus muscles. I have a list of about 15 things to do daily, if I do these things it will improve. I cannot re-injure this, I must allow it to heal.

The kicker is this, 8 months ago this was incredibly painful, each month that goes by the problem become less... Think about this, it will eventually go away if it continues.

I am an incredibly persistent person, I want to optimize my life, not minimize it, if possible I want to run 10 miles. I do not want to stop living. If I can pay small money and find the solution I win. Truly this problem is minimal compared to a 300 pound ole fart who drinks, smokes, and refuses to take care of himself.

I weigh 184 pounds, if I get down to 170, I would be optimal for a 6 foot man, but couple that with exercise.

I am not into pain management, I am into optimal living.

I suppose I could stumble around in countries for years and one day I will find the solution for pennies. Plus .... hehehe the advertising about subjects like this pay more than travel.... hehehe

Do we want to learn about our bodies, or do we want to ignore them. The solution to all problems is time, the more time I devote to a problem, the better the solution.


All situations are grey, however I know readers want absolutes, yes or no.

Thanks Frugal, this is dynamic solution.


JD this is perfect, except for one essential thing?

How much does it cost in Manila at St Lukes to do an MRI?

How much does it cost to in the best of the best USA MRI?

I am not ex-military who has the USA pay for all my expenses. I pay with my own money and a medical tourist is the same. We must pay our own, we do not have insurance. If I had insurance to cover this, I would get it done in the USA and skip this whole Charlie Foxtrot culture.

Give me the money!
Jerry Mcguire

Ooops, tell me the opposite.


JD, excellent, I know one of my readers, I know there is are people who are desperate. I am not desperate, I do not feel this is do or die. I am more than willing to say screw off to the Doctors. But someone knows they must get an MRI for a critical reason now. This is the cost in Manila, we now know this.

For me, I must think, is 425 dollars worth the price? What are the probabilities they find something and can diagnose this problem. I tend to think they are just ordering another test.

JD, you told me to get a close up ultrasound. I tried, I told him, he said it will not work. But gee wiz, maybe 20 buck of giving it a try is better than paying 425 to me!

Hmm, lets try it, that is what I can say.

I think the solution to this problem of MINE is the same. Stretch, exercise, lose weight, I have yet to have one Doctor tell me what they will do if they find something.

What are you looking for?
If you find this, what will you do?

Options, they to me are extremely dysfunctional, I want them to be talking more about possible solutions and less about the maybe we get diagnose.

Fun stuff, but truly a scary Charlie Foxtrot if I was truly going to die from this. I am just in pain, that gets less every month. I think it will disappear if I ignore it.



Thanks JD,

People who live in ONE country need these options, insurance works good if you are not a traveler.

Here is the only company I have ever heard about that offers health insurance for a person that lives anywhere on the planet.

I am NOT going to live in the Philippines and I am not going to buy Filipino insurance.

I am here visiting, paying all on my own buck.

Amazing the amount of fine print for insurance, here is a post I made explaining how insurance will stop covering you if you are in a country that the USA government says not to visit. As I see it, I cannot leave the USA or I am out of insurance for the most part.

Life is for living, insurance is for dying or people who do not travel. I guess I will die one day and this is ok, sooner or later, it is not important to me.