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Medical Tourism Hospitals in Big Cities

2009-09-16 15:25:04

Medical Tourism Hospitals in Big Cities
I am here in San Fernando, La Union the Philippines visiting small Doctors in small Hospitals. It is sad and frustrating; I talked with a great Doctor by the name of Neil Ambasing in Bethany Hospital. He specializes in Neurological Medicine. He is telling I need to go to St. Lukes Hospital in Manila, or more correctly in Quezon City to diagnose what type of nodule or cyst is on my back. The small hospital does not have the proper medical equipment.

My father is in the USA, now making trips from Orland, Indiana to either Fort Wayne, or Indianapolis for his cancer.

50 Miles to Fort Wayne
150 Miles to Indianapolis

Bauang - Paringao - San Fernando, Philippines
La Union Province
Southeast Asia
Thursday, September 17, 2009
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Doctor Ambasing wants me to get a MRI with a machine that is greater than .2, or as he wrote it >.2

I am a free man, I can live anywhere in any country on the planet, I have no reason to go home, because I have no home. My father has a house; he is tied to this house and feels obligated to return to his home. About one year ago, he and my mother moved to Fort Wayne for one month and paid and outrageous amount of rent to live there so they could get cancer treatment.

Sadly, it appears in any country on the planet, a person must somehow travel to the largest cities to get the best Medical Treatment because of equipment. I am not worried about the cost of the Medical treatment I am know it cost a small fortune to live in Manila. I need to pay 25 Dollars per night, and still I need to take a taxi for 2-3 hours per day to make it to Quezon City.

As I wrote this, I thought to myself, I am planning on going to Lima, Peru. I can go live there a better room cheaper. Then go to what I believe may well be better Hospital in Peru. The cost of living in Lima is about one-fifth the cost of living in Manila and the daily quality of life is twice as good.

I speak Spanish Fluently; this makes Lima, Peru and option.

However, as a Medical Tourist, I am realizing, you may as well forget the small cities, the same as the USA, they all point you to the largest of the large. In addition, trust me Manila is outrageously congested, polluted and annoying, with a few great perks, generally one of the worst cities on the planet.

I will go again today and talk with Neil Ambasing in Bethany Hospital, I am going to ask him to call Angeles City and ask about the MRI machines there. Angeles City is half the price of Manila, and the quality of life there is better. It cost 5 dollars per meeting with Doctor Ambasing, or 250 Pesos.

I already got one MRI of my lower lumbar or spine, I now need to get one of my hip joint, or where the nodule is, I point a the nodule and everyone points somewhere else. It cost 150 Dollars to get an MRI here in the Philippine and as best, I understand about 4000 Dollars in the USA.

What an amazing difference in price to turn on a machine.

I am leaning towards flying to the USA, saying hello to my parents, then flying to Lima, Peru where I sense the Doctors are better. I was there a year ago and visited a Hospital, the clarity of the how to diagnose this problem was much better, or felt more honest.

On the Human Development Index Peru is rated 79, while the Philippines is rated 102, Thailand is rated 81, does this mean anything, I would say yes, it is the overall cultural development that sets the mean level of care.

Medical Tourism Hospitals in Big Cities