Mating Takes Precedence Over Travel

Mating Takes Precedence Over Travel
I have humorously and with a chuckle observed the desire to mate has a higher priority to people than travel. The number one reason I hear from people on why they cannot travel is
“I have a family.”
I say,
“Great, there is no good reason to travel perpetually; it is a highly inconvenient lifestyle.”

However, the other day realized two traveler friends of this site are now dealing with the mating issue.

First - Craig at made a baby.
Second - Wade at made a baby.

Hmm, what’s up with this? Why?

United States of America
Orland, Indiana
Thursday, October 22, 2009

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Marriage, family, babies and NOT sleeping alone all seems like the best option for humanity.

I spent about three months in the Philippines, in this time I was happy to see that men would rather get married or find a mate than to be a butterfly. The desire to establish a monogamous relationship is stronger than all the other options, even when men were able to have many women, they chose to have one.

This is a good sign for humans, it give me hope.

People ask,
“When will you stop traveling Andy?”
I say,
“I believe one day I will not be able to leave a woman, which is when I will stop.”

Mating Takes Precedence Over Travel


I was told the other day,
"Be careful what you write about, you are playing with peoples fantasies."

As I understand human nature today, romance is almost always part of a good fantasy.

Phil J

I travel because I love it. I like seeing new places and meeting new people. I take a lot of pictures and my family loves to view them and chat about my travels. But I was sort of forced to travel to work and it became a lifestyle I love.
I spent 20 years in the US Navy and served on 5 different aircraft carriers and had to live overseas in Japan for one tour and one complete tour in Hawaii. Fortunately my family was able to live with me when I was posted to Hawaii and them on to Japan.
I love sailing and it looks like my dream has come true. I will be able to combine travel, and adventure and love as my wonderful first mate says she wants to sail with me.I feel truly blessed.and very fortunate.

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