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Marketing to Uneducated Haitians

How do you market a product or idea to people who cannot read? You need radio, if they cannot afford a radio, then it becomes even more complicated or simple.

The bigger the noise, the bigger the advertisement.

This may well be the world biggest Jam Box. This is a mobile music system; it is loud enough to shake the buildings. I was trying to debate, I think the ones in Brazil were louder, but smaller, so about a ties for annoying things to encounter on planet earth.

Port-au-Prince, Haiti --- Tuesday, December 29, 2009
By Andy Graham of
Travel Gear

It is amazing what people learn to live with, I am happy, I am in room X, that is really the number of my Hotel room, X, at the rear of the Executif Hotel, it is quiet, I am having trouble leaving, I do not know my next stop.

Which is worst?

1. Mosque Loud Speaker Systems
2. Christian Churches
3. Soap Box Ministers walking around with megaphones.
4. The horns of cars, trucks, and buses.
5. The noise made by the propane or water trucks wanting to sell their products.
6. The old ladies, and young boys selling water.
7. The men banging their dominoes, and screaming over something.

Just another day in Paradise, Haiti is truly a visceral experience. Nothing better than watching a 24 year old girl with no bra, carrying a five gallon bucket of water on her head. The daily wet t-shirt contest, with no way to talk or chat them up, because they speak Creole.

I am trying to get the perfect picture, they see me watching.

Marketing to Uneducated Haitians