Market Day in Elias Pinas Dominican Republic

What did I do today, while the rest of the world worked, I do not know, but I found more strange and interesting things to photograph on this side of Planet Earth.

This bright blue colored stuff was sold in the Market; obvious food products surrounded it. I try to ask what are these products. Nobody can explain, the locals in this area, and the Haitian people do not speak Spanish. I am in a cultural language bleeding area. I am in the grey area, between Creole and Spanish.

Elias Pinas, Dominican Republic --- Thursday, January 7, 2010
By Andy Graham of
Travel Gear

A small Horse, this is nothing special, but I am looking at the saddle.

This saddle looks like it was made from the outer layer of a Coconut, but I do not know.

This appears to be the Dominican Republic’s version of a goods wheelbarrow. It is different from the ones in Haiti, I did not see this type in Haiti, but I saw its brother in Ethiopia.

What is this? I do not know.

I am a Traveler
I am not a Travel Writer. I have been communicating with Travel Writers this last month; they all seem to say they know more than me… I am here, they are in the USA. I tend to believe, I could make an endless list of unexplained marvels on this small planet. This list would grow daily, it is never-ending, I must be a traveler, and I only have time to point at the world and say, “look, what is this?” I do not know.

A travel writer can steal research from, while a traveler just takes photos for to steal. A traveler must accept he or she will never understand, or explain the world, the explanations work needs to be done by people who do not travel.

I admit, I do not know, but I do know, I am traveling, I am not sure what they are doing. I suspect they are painting pictures using cliché crayons.

Market Day in Elias Pinas Dominican Republic


The last two pictures look like walnuts (in their outer shell) and tamarinds (used for making Tamarindo Juice).

Phil J

Hi Andy. Interesting saddle. I have never seen something like that before. Glad you are back in the DR. My tolerance for Haiti would would have been a lot less than yours. I would never be a travel writer. I am a traveler, adventurer, and eternal optimist. I would not have the patience or the desire to try and persuade someone to appreciate my opinions, likes, dislikes, and lifestyle. I just do not care. I am totally focused on seeing and enjoying the world. It keeps me young and happy.
I salute you for your persistance and ability.

Page Turner

Mom Says, I think those blue things are blueberries. Your grandpa and grandma Graham loved the things and picked them every summer and put in the freezer. They ate the blueberries with sugar and milk and grandma made pie. Your sister Kandi buys huge amounts of them in northern Michigan in the fall and I think they eat them as fruit several times a week. They are supposed to be very good for you. Do Not worry I will not serve you any when you come home for a visit.