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Marijuana is Now Legal I think in USA

2009-11-01 05:16:46

President Obama has officially made Marijuana legal in the USA, more or less as our newly elected King he has made law,
“My people, please ignore the law.”
He has castrated all the federal laws and turned them into blue laws.
Blue Laws on Wiki

Fireworks are legal in the State of Indiana also, it is like this, you can buy Fireworks in Indiana providing you sign a paper saying you are taking them out of state or some agreed up lie.

Orland, Indiana - United States of America - November 1, 2009
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This is a very effective use of power, efficient, effective and saves millions of dollars, just tell the public what they want to hear and so be it,
“Number 1, make is so.”
(Star Trek)

The world is championing clever, all us good old boys who obey the law are considered unsophisticated and naïve.

I am sort of in favor of a national health plan, but I do not want anybody to be able to opt out of it, and for sure, I do not want a poor person to need to pay. Maybe Obama can just say,
“Pay the doctors what you think they are worth.”
A much more expedient health plan and I think the people would obey, I truly love watching how the mind of man can convince people to smile while making an illegal u-turn with critical reasoning.

Marijuana is Now Legal I think in USA