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Marijampole Lithuania with a Railway Track

2005-07-09 07:29:00

Marijampole Lithuania
I am happily settled in Marijampole, Lithuania located close to the western border of Lithuania, just before you enter Poland. A quirky city that is on a railway track and maybe you would say the main road corridor leading to Poland.

Automobile or Cars Sales City

This city of Marijampole is a major trade center for this area; it as best I can figure out so far sells many cars to Russia speaking people. Robert the son of a person selling cars that came to the car lot to translate was explaining that people from the country of Kazakhstan come to purchase cars here. The one car salesperson was saying that one van came from Holland and another from Germany. Hard to say, however maybe the cheaper cars are in Germany or Holland, however difficult to access values across multiple countries. Local people do not normally understand the economic impact from country to country or the trade that occurs. The normal local person does not know more than the snapshot of their location.

This city is an importer or distributor of cars purchased from other locations, I believe it behooves me to try to understand this type of economic phenomena.

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