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Map to Petit Goave Haiti Hotel

2009-11-20 14:59:37

They asked 50 U.S Dollars, I am paying 17, and still double the true value, maybe this is a 7-8 Dollar room where compared to global tourist values.
I am paying 675 Gourde now in a Hotel called,
“MyTech Resto Bar Motel.”

Why do Hotels cost so much, because people lack the moral indignation to say no. I am 100 percent sure I am on the moral high ground; I know the value of a Hotel room on planet earth. In addition, I spent 14 years as a Real Estate Broker; I know the value of Real Estate and can do the math.

Bottom line,
“Owners of Hotels will lower the price to what they feel is morally correct.”

Miragoane, Haiti - Ayiti - Friday, November 20, 2009
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The Hotel is great, I just had to twist the arms of the brother and sister who manage it. There is a steady stream of wanna be Haiti yuppies entering to eat and drink.

Relais Hotel in Petit Goave
65 U.S. Dollars per night.

I took a tour of many Hotels in Petit Goave, this over-priced, but elegant Hotel was the first one on the tour. It has to be Historical, but gave me the feeling of being “Hotel California Haiti.”
“You can check in anytime you like, but you can never leave.”

There was nobody, zero, a big nada, nothing going in the Hotel, like living on a desert island and having to pay. Why would I pay to live on a deserted island? I would for sure recommend it for a group of 10 with more money donated to them by a Church in the USA. More or less, bring your own party, but then again people on mission over here don’t drink, or do they.

The second on the tour was even funnier, a truly nice building, took 30 minutes to track down the owner. He asked 50 Dollars, I said,
“Ce’st fou.”
My French is rusty, but I think I said, this is crazy.
The man goes down to 30.
I started walking to the door.
He says why.
I get on the back of the Motorcycle Taxi.
He says 10.
He would have went lower.
I had to force the Moto driver to leave.
I do not rent rooms from outrageously dishonest people.

Fun stuff, he then proceeded to take me to two short-term Hotels. The first one was good, up front and wanted 750 Gourde, however was so far outside of town, only a man with a women to hide would find the place. The other one was 500 Gourde, I said yes, the Moto left. The man says, I have to pay 1000 to check in now, he said it was 500 after 7:00 PM, I said he is a nut.
I then asked,
“Is this a place to F…k.”
He knew the word, and spoke some rather good English.
He said,
I said,

I took another Moto to the Market, I spied the sign that said Motel on the tour. I think the Haiti people cannot read; for sure, the Motorcycle drivers cannot read signs. It was a fun trip.

Generally, in poor countries like Haiti, a person needs to be close the Market. If not, there just is not anything to do, a person needs people around for both safety and the reminder we are still alive and kicking. If I walk into a Hotel and there is nobody around, some girl better be following me.

I suppose I could have got an oceanfront room on the Caribbean Sea. This is not a room on the sea; what is it?

I found some more bark to eat, truly this Canelle Tree taste good, it has to be organic.

Map to Petit Goave Haiti Hotel