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Map of Santo Domingo Bus Bounce

I left the Hotel at 6:00 am because the bus was to depart from Elias Pinas at 6:45. In typical Latino manner, it pulled out around 8:00 am. I was told it would take four hours, it took 5.5 hours to arrive at Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

La Vega, Dominican Republic --- Sunday, January 10, 2010
By Andy Graham of
Travel Gear

I believe we stopped at 15 police checkpoints, I suppose they wanted to find Haitian people, or collect the 100 pesos the conductor was palming. The bus was extremely overloaded, they have these modern Japanese midsize buses that have no storage for baggage, what a zoo.

I was hoping to make it all the way to Sosua today, Puerto Plata, etc, I thought it highly feasible this was possible I believe it would have been simpler in Haiti. Bigger buses can take hours to load and unload, while hop on and go public transport is quick. The Tap Tap of Haiti did not waste anytime loading and unloading, and you just need to walk to the street and flag one down, there was an overabundance.

Dominican Republic has these modern bus stops, I will not pass judgment, the trip from Santo Domingo to La Vega went without a hitch.

I am in a room for six dollars, so far the price of rooms is about half of Haiti, without a big argument, this is truly a bonus. The Lonely Planet recommended one Hotel in La Vega for 33 USD, and did say there was many love Hotels. I am paying 180 Pesos if the man every gives me the change back from the 200 peso bill.

I truly believed I would make this trip in one day. I would assume the stereotypical view of bus trips in Dominican Republic is the route between Santo Domingo and Santiago, which looks just like an American four lane highway, not a lick of difference. The main stretch of this country is absurdly modern, however behind the wall the culture takes a drop.

Map of Santo Domingo Bus Bounce