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Map of Provinces of Philippines

Map of Provinces of Philippines
Here are three enlarged maps of the 80 provinces in the Philippines. When you are talking with either a Filipino person or an Expat living here, I often ask the normal question,
“Where are you from?”

The person will consistently tell me the Province here in the Philippines, and the Expats are random, I then proceed to ask,
“Is this North, South, East or West of here?”

Normally, I do not get an answer, so I stop and try to get somebody close, or willing, to write it down. I return to my room, access the internet and search for this page: Provinces of the Philippines

Bauang - Paringao - San Fernando, Philippines
La Union Province
Southeast Asia
Tuesday, September 8, 2009
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North part of the Map of the Philippines with Provinces.

Middle of the 7000 plus Islands of the Philippines.

Map of the Philippines Provinces in the lower portion of the Philippines.

Funny Story

I was in on the Island of Barbados in the Caribbean when a man asked me,
“Where are you from?”

I said, as is my custom.
“United States of America.”

He said,
“You are the first person in five years of living in the Caribbean that told me the country. Normally the person says their State.”

I said,
“Yes, Americans assume for some strange reason the whole world knows all the States and Cities in the USA.”

When people ask me where I live, I have to modulate my answer. Sometimes it is the USA, sometimes America, sometimes States; sometimes it is Ameriquee in Islamic Countries and so on and so forth.

I always know how much empathy a person has by their answer to the question, where are you from?

Map of Provinces of Philippines


I tried to make the words on the Map big enough to read, I am sorry I they are not clear, I was not able to make better with my knowledge of graphics.