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Map of Mobile Offices now Includes Sosua DR

In between Africa, Haiti, or other Adventure type trips, I will stop in locations to work. This map shows location already established, and locations needed.

Mobile Office

Each Mobile Office location has a bundle of benefits, for example, here in Sosua, Dominican Republic there is a fine group of Expatriates that speak English. While in my Mobile Office location in Lima, I only speak in Spanish, but is a family environment, more of a home away from home feeling.

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Thursday, February 18, 2010
By Andy Graham of
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Redefining Mobile Office Locations

I am always trying to find new locations, good changes from year to year. Technology is changing so fast that in less than two years off the grid will be difficult to find. With the Smartphone’s like the Verizon HTC Touch Pro II I am now carrying, that has global internet data plan I am able to send my missives. Difficult to do, but possible, the world playground is opening up for all to use. (Your wife can contact you anywhere on the planet.)

Sosua Dominican Republic Mobile Office
My present location is maybe one of the best I have ever experienced. The speed and dependability is far better than other locations. I am able to talk on at 7:00 at night, without the other person even realizing I am on VOIP.

Redundant Systems
My Sosua Mobile Office has many redundant or back up systems, for example, say my electricity goes off at my room. I can go down to Rocky’s Bars and use the internet, or even closers is Baileys Restaurant, I have maybe five quick locations where I can jump on a WIFI Internet Connection. The 24-hour option is not as good as Manila, but I am on the same time zone as the USA, so less time zone problems with this Mobile Office.

Updates to Mobile Office Page

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Craig from made a great discover and observation.
"Google Reader Lets You Monitor Page Changes without RSS"

Therefore, you can take this link:
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Insert into the Add a Subscription box, and monitor one page.

Craig from explained this in comment a week or two ago. Excellent observations, I instantly went and subscribed to Google Reader and realize this system is perfect for a traveler. I cannot use a computer-based system; I can go months where I never connect my computer directly to the internet. The map above is the solution to this problem, the Verizon Global Email plan is another, but overall, if I want to go off the grid, I must go.

I observe the connectivity of other travelers; this helps me to qualify their travel skills. When I know, when, where, why, what, how, and how much, I know whom there are…

Thank Eric for the great map above, he is cutting edge smart.
Mobile Office

Map of Mobile Offices now Includes Sosua DR


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