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Map of Liechtenstein from Hostel

I am in Liechtenstein, a very small country with maybe the worst internet connections on the planet for travelers.

My Hostel cost 10 Dollars per hour, and I cannot type because the keyboard is messed up or way to small with the keys moved around more than the normal German tzpe... hehehe

...z and y are interchanged.

This is where I am located, I think one of them places where Mafia Bosses come to hide money safe from the other Mafia Bosses. An offshore country, however hooked at the hip with Switzerland and maybe Austria.

Nice place, however clean, crisp, and nobody walks except for me.

The internet is so bad, I finally walked into a Video shop, they instantly understood the problem and gave me a normal more or less computer to use for 5 dollar per hour. Note I still cannot upload photos or pages or update my site.

I did learn that mabye uploads photos now easily for the simple users, I do not play much and do not fix problems that do not exist. Today I have a problem so I clicked on the image link on

Blogger for free, publishes my blog on my website, a control panel for my blog.

Liechenstein, I will be here for 4 days, I need to pay to guarantee I had an expensive place to stay in the Hostel International local here. Great place, however no kitchen for me to cook, all the problems done very well of a hostel. Clean dorm, and maybe the best lockers so far.
Not perfect, but very good.

Vaduy or Schaan are nestled in between two mountain like ranges in a valley, everything is green and quadrangle square organizes, like walking into a bank lobby and living.