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Map Les Cayes Haiti

Here is a map to Les Cayes, Haiti, the cheapest Hotels all seem to be on the main road.

I stayed in the Patience Hotel, they showed me 1500 Gourde rooms, 1000 Gourde rooms, they gave me a discount. I sat down outside behind the Hotel and ate a piece of bread. Whiskey, the name of one of the managers shows me a room upstairs.

I say 500, he say Qui. I paid 500 gourde per night with a shower inside.

Les Cayes or Aux Cayes, Haiti - Ayiti - Monday, November 16, 2009
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This is rather normal in a county full of tourists who are not paying their own way. They just do not care and the locals know this, they have a hard time believing a white person would care about the price. I am not sure, I think white are afraid of black people. I see this as a kind of reverse racism, the white refuses to stand up to the black, full of guilt and anguish, that old middle class guilty engulfs the whites and they fail to treat people equally, special privelage.

Africa and Haiti has about zero racism towards whites, while in the USA a black person will scream and holler and abuse the whites on a regular basis. Using the race card, never saw it used in Africa, they use the you-are-too-rich to care card.

The bigger ego weakness comes when a person cannot negotiate, truly shows a lack of fortitude in my mind.

Map Les Cayes Haiti