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Manny Pacquiao Pride of Philippines

2006-12-06 01:08:00

Manny Pacquiao
General Santos Philippines
Wednesday, December 6, 2006

The Pride of the Philippines and hometown boy of the General Santos are of the Philippines.

- We are so proud of you. -

This is Manny Pacquiao; I took this photo in the city of General Santos, Philippines on the front of a convenience store. The name of the store was the Pakman Convenience Store.

Manny is a boxer from the Philippines and an obvious source of great pride for the Philippines people.
Last night, December 5, 2006 here in the T’Boli Hotel in General Santos, Manny Pacquiao came to the Hotel. I personally did not see him; however, there was a lot of big SUV’s in the parking lot, on a Tuesday night, thought something was up. I went next door to buy some cheese and crackers, and the girls starting talking about Manny. I finally said, what is up, they explained, they heard Manny was in the Hotel. I have confirmed, he was in the hotel, but had left before I was aware of his presence.

Nothing like a celebrity to get the gossip mill a running. I am very happy for the people of General Santos and hope that Manny continues to be source of great pride for them.

I was walking in the public market, trying to work my way out of the mass of people, a small boy is in my way, He has on shorts, walking ahead of me, he starts to swing his arms, a taxi driver looks, and I am looking. Then I understand, he is shadow boxing, he is swinging at some imaginary opponent, he is boxing his way out of the market.

Small boys, all over the world are watching, pretending, trying to be like Manny, the pride of the Philippines. I hope that Manny knows and understands the responsibility for this boy’s future, for which he has been rewarded.

This brings back some memories of Pete Maravich and a young man in Indiana, spinning the ball on his finger for hours and hours. I can still do it…

Manny Pacquiao