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Manila Children Jumping a Ride on a Jeepney

2009-10-19 23:16:59

Manila Children Jumping a Ride on a Jeepney
Two small boys jumped on the back bumper of the jeepney I was in here in Manila and rode free today. I took a bus from La Union province to Angeles City, switch buses to a bus that said Avenida Manila, then got off the bus and tried to flag down a taxi. Well, the taxis and trikes were such crooks I decided better to take a Jeepney to Mabini. I finally have to admit, the Jeepneys are much better way to travel in Manila if you know how to use them. I do not enjoy arguing for rides, just makes me hate a country.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Buy the Same Gear as Andy uses… Sold at for more than I paid, sorry.


Future leaders of the Philippines I suppose…

There were two of them, it was hilarious, the small one hollers out,

Parr Rah which mean stop in the Philippines language and also in Spanish if you care to know. Everyone in the Jeepney started to laugh when the boy hollered Para, as if he has a right to stop the Jeepney when he is not paying.

I asked this man why his jeepney had this on the back,
“Darwin the greatest man that ever lived.”

Curious, the man did not speak English, I find it amusing how they will use English in this manner yet not have any English skills. American so this with French in pretentious way, as if because we know two French words we are smarter. I now speak French and Spanish and when a person inserts words in a sentence, I often start to speak the language.

It was fun day with the Jeepneys, the Philippines has a never-ending story, a big question mark. I find I like the Honeymoon time in the Philippines but hate the marriage, it is time to get divorced, I leave tomorrow morning for the USA.

Manila Children Jumping a Ride on a Jeepney

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