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Manila Bay Children

Manila Bay Children
I found children walking on water in Manila Bay here in the Philippines. I took my morning walk Sunday, walking down towards the United States Embassy I came upon children walking on water.

Manila, Philippines
Ermita - Malate Area
Southeast Asia
Tuesday, July 14, 2009


This photo was taken just to the left of the USA Embassy; in this area, trash has collected. The floating trash is thick enough that small boys were able to walk on it.

What is a Beachcomber? These children are searching for something, they are Beachcombers who took it one step further, and they are off the beach and walking on water.

These two boys are working their way out to deeper water in search of some unknown treasure.

As the boys would choose their steps, they would sometimes drop into softer spots.

Two boy chest deep in floating trash in Manila, Bay Philippines.

I took a video of this; however not sure if I want to put on, I took a video the last time I was in Manila of some street children walking around. A very small boy did not have on clothes, and pulled the video, I am not sure, reality of poverty is edited, so hard to get excited about doing the work.

As I was sitting on the wall next to the bay, I started to talk to a man who was riding his bike for 60 kilometers; he was in complete gear, gloves, riding shorts, a special bike. He said,
“The rivers come down into the ocean, and then the trash washes back to the shore.”

The contrast between a super motivated Philippines man riding his bike a great distance and a few boys walking in trash is the novelty of coming to the Philippines. A person can get whiplash by the sudden cultural differences, from one extreme to the next without a caution light.

The is a nonchalant ability for the Philippines people to accept these situations as if they are 100 percent natural. I on the other hand try not to become jaded and also ignore them along with the groupthink.

Manila Bay Children