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Manila Airport No Mans Land 2009

2009-10-20 18:17:57

Manila Airport No Mans Land 2009
I call the area after immigration and before I enter a country “No Mans Land.” It is the place where I am not legally in any country or at least I cannot say which country. Airports are cultural mashing pots, places where cultures are ground together and nobody is sure of the rules.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

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I try to empathize with an airport full of young Filipino men and women, why are they so anxious to leave their country. I cannot imagine becoming an Expat, an ex patriot who for some reason gives their allegiance to another country. I cannot imagine it for me an American and I cannot imagine it for Filipino people.

Tony Blair said something about you can judge a country by the number of people who are leaving or entering. I still think this comments is real wisdom. There is a denial of the world, somehow are supposed to overlook the obvious signs.

I am in many countries with big guns, big barbwire fences, truly mean looking security systems. Then people will say, the country is safe, then jump in with this is not really needed, but I say,
“When everyone has it, I have to believe it is needed.”

I met an United Nations World Food program person while here in the Airport. She was a fat and dumpy looking Australian girls, I am amazed at the ugly white women that come to the Philippines. We discussed the culture of the Philippines, I told her to read the book “Culture Shock Philippines.” As best I could figure out, she feels she already knows, truly the ugly of the world. Cloistered, living and associating with the rich of the country and looking down on poor in the Islamic areas she is feeding. I see she like the power, there is no “White Knight Syndrome” here of the female version.

Everyone always pretends they understand cultures, I continually tell myself learning about culture will never end. To me this is my dominating reason to travel, to learn how the rest of the world live, eat, play and work.

Manila Airport No Mans Land 2009

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