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Mancora Peru Has Beach to Visit

Mancora Peru

A beach town for a guy that needs a beach, I will see if this beach is up to standards tomorrow. I asked some local girl for directions to a good hotel, she said and talked and I went to one, later she and another girl from Colombia come searching for me.

Note, I am obviously look over 30 in a city full of Surfers, so I am sort of wondering what is up?

The Colombia girl gave me a three kiss introduction, then a three kiss goodbye, normally this is the cheeks, however she went for the middle on the second time. Pretty forward bridgeras in this town, or imported from Colombia, not a bad idea, she is from Medellin.

I will complain in great detail later... hehehe
About an 8 and Colombia is strict with guidelines.

Definition of a word I am not sure how to spell. Bridgechara