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Malaria Vaccine Thanks to Bill Gate

This is truly great:
“Microsoft founder Bill Gates has told the BBC that a vaccine for malaria could be just three years away.”
BBC Article

Does this mean I can stop carrying a mosquito net? I was in a six-dollar room in La Vega, Dominican Republic, by using my mosquito net; I was able to camp inside the room.

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Tuesday, January 26, 2010
By Andy Graham of
Travel Gear

Mosquito Nets
If you wish to learn about Mosquito nets, here is my collection:
Mosquito Nets

I wrote an email to the Gate Foundation asking for an interview. This is truly a great thing, I would like to walk up and shake his hand.

Friends with Malaria
I do not enjoy seeing yellow eyes, slow minds, and all the direct and indirect problems associated with Malaria. Many of my friends have contracted Malaria in my five trips to Africa. Generally, the NGO save-the-world work is ineffective, maybe they have good intentions, I am not always sure, but if you want something done, I want to see a man like Bill Gates who does not need a job.

I thought I had Malaria in Niger, West Africa, on hindsight, I think I had dangerous food poisoning.

Non Governmental Organizations set up in countries, they build a building, entrench themselves: because they never plan to leave. They then stand in line, bellow up to the Government Donor money, and a great job for ineffective people who need a job.

Malaria Vaccine Thanks to Bill Gate