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Magic Jack Internet Phone Service

20 Bucks a year --- Using a high-speed internet connection people can call any USA landline free using the Magic Jack. Do not buy online, just walk into a Walmart, Walgreen or Target and they are on the shelves.

I have not used this device, but I have seen enough to know there is a benefit to travelers to use this internet phone service.

Panajachel, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala --- Tuesday, May 18, 2010
By Andy Graham of


1. Computer
2. High Speed Internet Connection
3. USB slot on the computer available
4. Standard telephone to plug into the Magic Jack

This works from outside the USA and you can call the USA and receive calls.

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I have not used this device, but when I return to the USA next time I plan on buying this, on the other hand there may be huge problems. I am mostly worried that people by without realizing they need a computer and high-speed connection. I believe you can walk into an internet café and use this device; it should be cheaper than I am hoping I can use a standard headset and not need to have a telephone, if I need to carry a telephone I think this is too complicated.

Maybe in the future the telephone companies will put Skype and Magic Jack out of business similar to the Internet Access companies. These companies are resellers of bandwidth, they provide internet phone service because you are using the telephone companie internet access, these device are part of the food chain and below.

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Magic Jack Internet Phone Service


A quick google search for 'mini corded phone' and 'magic jack' shows there are very small phones available pretty cheap to plug into this for travel purpose. I also imagine you could unplug the hotel/ internet cafe's phone and plug it into the magic jack... if noone's looking...


It says here on this page a person can change the configurations and force the computer to use your regular headset.