Machala Ecuador in Good Hotel

I have made it to a Banana capital of the world... mas o menos, however there are not many bananas to see, on the way to Machala I should have got off the bus, however hard to say which small town would have a Hotel.

I am in an excellent hotel with a good manager, and a girl working that is pretty, lazy, and cannot be bothered. Very nice Hotel for 7 dollars U.S., Color TV and Zappper again.

Cold water shower however I am in the real tropics now, at sea level and it is hot, still need to find a beach, there are a few islands to go visit, however the locals keep trying to put me on a tourist trap trip, as most people I suppose want to pay a lot.

I will figure it out, the INTERNET is blocking me in Ecuador randomly, odd to block the FTP and especially odd to block the download of Foxmail. I will try WS FTP, maybe it will kick through the walls, of course as normal no service, too busy chatting.

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