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Macchu Picchu and Inca Trail is Difficult

I did the two day Inca Trail, it is very difficult or strenuous. The path is more or less like a sidewalk and not a mountain path. There is a danger because the tours groups will say it is possible and sell you any type of trip, you could easily pay and take a trip that your body is not capable of performing. The guides do carry oxygen, but they do not care, so caveat emptor, take great care you do not have a heart attack.

The trail is too easy, there is NO adventure, too many people walk the Inca Trail to call it adventure or hard, it is really an easy walk in the mountains. No skills required, except the strength to do the walk. I recommend if you want a trek, go to any place but the Inca Trail.

I hope none of your family members have no died on this trail, it would be a shame to pay a guide, the government of Peru, and be delusion to the point of death, that all people can take a long walk in the woods and live.

I personally consider it a pain in the butt and no challenge whatsoever, but more or a painful annoyance, and an unworthy foe. I sincerely say to young people, go find a good place, take the train see the historical site, but do not waste your money on the trek, way too expensive now and the value is gone. Just another overpriced tourist trap, and nothing of note. Take the train and find a real trek or adventure, make your own path. Note anyone with any common sense would see that paying 75 dollars a day to walk around in the forest of Peru is silly, you can walk around anywhere you wish in the Mountains of Peru for free. South America is full of empty mountains, rivers, woods, and free places.

4:06 AM Saturday, February 26, 2005

I suppose my Mother and Father know me pretty well, I laugh when they can tell what I am thinking and feeling, just by reading emails, blogs, and newsletters. I am grateful that I do not edit my feelings, it would be unfair to my family, friends, and I suppose my readers; however it would the most unfair to myself. I suppose if I testify to the world who I am and what I do, then it had better be true. There is a natural human tendency to make the world appear better than normal, and especially we do not want to make ourselves look bad, I believe this is normal. However, there is no advantage in this stance.

A group of maybe three drunks just past below my window singing in Spanish.

Back to the thoughts.

Well, I am trying my best to evaluate my life in the present arena, there seems to be a mess going on in my life and it is definitely unmanageable. I have not been reminded I am alcoholic in a long time; it is not often I need to resort to reminding myself statements, like “One day at time.” and maybe “Say what you do and do what you say.” I have zero temptation to drink, what I have is what my mother has keyed in on, to open my mouth and say what I think.

We would all cringe at the thought of a mouth full of gravel. But a stone in the mouth can actually be desirable-at least that seems to be true for the cranes that inhabit the Taurus Mountains of southern Turkey. The cranes tend to cackle a lot, especially while flying. All that noise gets the attention of eagles, who swoop down and seize them for a meal. The experienced cranes avoid this threat by picking up stones large enough to fill their mouths. This prevents them from cackling--and from becoming lunch for the eagles. People have a problem with their mouths too.

==Lord help me to watch the words I say And keep them few and sweet. For I don't know from day to day Which ones I'll have to eat -Anon.

Mind what you say or you might say whatever comes to mind.

I laughed when I read this because it is so true. Proverbs 18-7
love prayers mom dad

OK, so I suppose I could leave this out and not say what I think or write this blog like it was a big secret, there are no secrets in my life, I try my best to be bring all of my feeling and thoughts out into the light.

Nonetheless, what is this all about, it is Angry, and I suppose I am afraid, I want to explain all the situations I am encountering. I have left my group and am going to stay away from them, I do not need the temptation to sit here post photos, explain, what I consider, and it is not my job. There are organizations, or institutions or people that need to be kept honest, I try my best to point out the problems of travel life so that the truth can keep people safe, but in this situation, I am wanting temptation.

What am I angry about?
I am of explaining too well and trying to hurt people.

Wow, what a danger of talking about this, I have a lot or European and American readers that just love to be jerks, write me and say how they believe Americans are jerks, so they make a jerk of themselves by trying to make either me angry, provoke, or just be evil.

I believe it is evil to hurt someone when you can manage to avoid it, I do not believe it is evil to protect yourself. I believe it would be evil to allow or look the other way when people like Sadaam Hussein needs removed from power. The powerful have a responsibility to remove the evil, even when the weak do not understand, or are too afraid to protect themselves.

There is stereotype opinion of Americans of being spoiled, not listening, always thinking they are right, loud, in a way snobs believing that as American and being from the USA, we are someway superior to others.

The problem is in many ways Americans are superior.
The problem is in many ways Americans are inferior.

We as is any nation, we are both, inferior and superior and both at the same time, there are great and wonderful things about the USA, and there are terrible things about the USA.

I am experiencing naïve arrogance, I am told I am an expert traveler… by a friend, and then they do the opposite of my recommendations.

I just edited or deleted a section, not my style, but no need to go further, it is just temptation.

Well, so in Christian Biblical terms, there is some passage or phrase saying and I do not have the quote saying.

“IF you are tempted, there is always away path provide to escape temptation.”

Therefore, I walk away, easy enough.


ANGELO Is this her fault or mine?
The tempter or the tempted, who sins most?

William Shakespeare (1564 - 1616)
English poet and playwright.
Measure for Measure, Act 2, Scene 2

Travel is dangerous, there is a temptation to believe you can manage every situation, this is not true, your best option is to stay home. If you are tempted to travel, then your next be option is to avoid the temptation to believe you or a guide can keep you safe, it is a delusion. Only a constant vigilance that you could be making the wrong decision and the acceptance that for sure you are going to make a wrong decision will limit the number of wrong decisions. I error on the side of caution, I make the error of being too cautious and not too brave. I for sure and not smarter than any country I enter, they can always find a new way of scamming me, lying to me, cheating me, and making my life miserable. I should stay home, that is the only safe option. However to live a life less normal, I must leave the path, where there are “Lions, Tigers, and Snakes, oh my!”

Fools are protected though about 90 percent of the time, by just ironic coincidence and no pre-thought of their own. The traveled and were safe because the number was not called. The fool believe they can keep themselves safe, the sage know there number is being called, the need to resist the temptation to jump and volunteer is the art.