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Macau Hostel or Macao

Macau Hostel
Tuesday 5:58 AM November 8, 2005

Macau Hostel or Macao Hostel
Macau Guesthouse or Macao Guesthouse

Sweet House, dorm room and a kitchen. 80 HK Dollars.

I am in the Sweet House Hostel here in Macau, a nice place for about 80 Hong Kong Dollars or this Mops of Macau. It translates to about 10 U.S. Dollars for a bed in a dorm, I think you need to watch and do NOT take a single room, this is not needed and do not allow him to charge you 150 for a single room because then he would maybe want to move in a second person later thus losing the value of a second room. There is only three room, on the third floor of a this building. It is three-bedroom apartment with the room converted to dorms. There are 9 beds in total so very few beds. There is a kitchen however few dishes however more correct there is no place obvious to buy food to cook anywhere close.

This is a perfect place to stop for a quick night in Macau and is a Hostel, there is nobody staying longer than one day or two so do not think you can just hang out and watch TV here. The common area is the owner?s office and there is no couch so more or less everyone seems to come and just walk around until they get tired and then leave for either Hong Kong by ferry or they go by Airplane to Bangkok or to Philippines.

I like Macao for the Architecture again, about the same as Singapore however more interesting Architecture than Singapore. Singapore is more high-rise and little city flavor, more sterile. I would guess and for sure, I do not know, however it seems to be a hang out with for the Rich and wanna be famous Chinese people or Hong Kong people. Everything is over-priced and all there appears to be to do is go to the Casinos. Nothing strikes me, however I did check and the 10th tallest building in the world is here so this is maybe noteworthy. I think UNESCO has marked the old city as noteworthy. Not a Backpacker hangout by any means and only a stopover on the way to Hong Kong or to go by plane as the Low Cost Carriers fly cheaper from here than from Hong Kong.

I like the Hostel, it is safe, boring and had a TV, however very few stations in English; however enough to figure out the new and the one in the Lobby has some Movie Channel. However, the Sweet House common would be better if he did not use it for an office and made it into a common area to eat or watch TV.

The place is exceptionally clean and the owners do not realize they do not have to supply Shampoo, the Shampoo is provided.

I would say it is TERRIBLE!

I think they all have it in their homes so there is ZERO internet cafes close to the Sweet House, there is some a very long walk from here and I cannot be bothered to work so hard to use the Internet. Richard or whatever his name is should make the Internet Free in the Sweet House and this would make it easier. He has it on a computer in the common area however; he is not here much and has a day job.

It appears I need to write and get a reservation to come here as him or his wife are NOT always here, the place is locked up like a fortress. All of the doors in the Apartment building are double doors and for sure almost impossible to break into. I have to say, there must be or was a huge problem with theft here or the doors and window would not be like a prison. The place is very safe, however there is obvious or was a reason for all the security.

I arrived from the Philippines on a later plane and it was dark by the time I arrived to the Hostel. If I would have tried to take a ferry to Hong Kong, I could have had real problems.

Macau is China; it is a Chinese place, with Chinese signs and Chinese people. They have a few people from Portugal here and this is interesting, however I have found the place just impossible for the language and all the stores are selling jewelry and boring. The only fun is to walk down the side alley behind the major or large buildings and you will find the more mom and pop type businesses.

I have found no convenience stores close however; you can buy bread or some type of rolls all over the place. I think the Portuguese must have had this influence of bread products. I resorted to go to a KFC or Kentucky Fried Chicken place as it was the only place I would eat. They have many places that sell some nasty looking meat product that looks like beef and dried fish, for sure the Chinese have world of difference diet than the Western world. I about gag looking at the fish places that are all up and down Henrietta Street here.

Overall, Macau is not set up for backpackers and you only have two choices for Hotels or Hostels. Both are near the Lisboa Casino, however for sure you NEED the Address and the names. I was right behind the Sweet House asking and right in front with a map, address; written in both English and in Chinese and nobody could help me. The Nata or whatever Restaurant behind the place is nice, and the lady speaks English. However, nobody from the Sweet House has made it known there is a Hostel here. It could be possible that this is what they call a non-licensed or off the books place.

I have not seen the sign in Chinese so easy for the government to miss, there are places where there is no sign or no regular way of knowing there is a Hotel in an area. This is so they do not have to licensed or pay taxes. I do not know what the situation of the Sweet house however for sure it is push to find even if you ask the guard standing in front of the place with a map, address and the words written in Chinese and English.

You are going to find it easily and if you do not you will just walk around to another and not think about it, however if you really want the place you have to look hard. The map on the Sweet House is correct. You go up to the third floor of the place to the left of the CTM Telephone Company. NOT the right, but the left, there is ugly set of stairs. No sign for Sweet House however something that says Augusters International

I have no idea; however, I suspect he has a German Partner so this is why the webpage has this de on the end.

I just was looking at the business card in my pocket for the Hostel.

It says, INTERNET Service?. Hehehehe, I would have demanded to use the Internet if I had seen this, as he really does not encourage and more or less says there is this free internet down the street. I do not like to fight with owners or staff for services of Hostels. This is big problem with Hostels as often whatever services they have are used by the owner or staff and you cannot use them.

The Harleys seems to another place so I guess you need to go to the whole address above.

augusters AT

Weird, that address on the end is a domain name.

All of this is German in making, the DE on the end stand for Deutchland or something like that, it is the name of Germany in Germany and not the name Germany.


24, Rua Do Dr. Pedro Jose Lobo, Floor 3J, Block 4, Edf. Kamloi, Macau.

Please call Richard or Cyril: 6645026 or 713242. When you are outside Macao please call +853-6645026 or +853-713242. Or contact us by email.

NOTE: That address is very confusing. It is on the THIRD FLOOR of the building to the left of the CTM Telephone place. Go up the stairs. I had nobody around that could understand that.

I have many photos of the front of the building and plan on making a page with all of the information on the front. I found three banks next to here and the HSBC main branch is just off the street by the name of: Rua Do Dr. Pedro Jose Lobo.