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Luggage Tag Magic Marker Travel Tip

I have stopped using luggage tags and replaced them with a Black Permanent Magic Marker.

I realized one day… hmm, luggage tags are removable, next I decided to make one that was installed into the side of the bag with a plastic window. Oops, I then realized, what a mistake, all I have to do is write on my bag with permanent ink.

Les Cayes or Aux Cayes, Haiti - Thursday, November 12, 2009
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The only problem is that people will walk by and say,
“Hello Andy.”

Note, black luggage, black backpacks, or black duffle bags is a horrible color for luggage, it becomes almost impossible to know your bag, and when someone accidentally picks up your bag at the airport carousal and takes it home, you will surely agree.

Are you really going to sell your bag?

Luggage Tag Magic Marker Travel Tip


I remember reading this tip on your website years ago, this is now how i label my luggage.

HOWEVER, I tend to only put the main information under the main flap (my bag is a duffel-and-flap closure. I hate this, as you know, and have modified it so it can lock. But it does mean i can hide the address). This is mainly for this reason, to stop people calling out my name.

I had my surname on the outside in big letters so I can see it, plug I doodle on it, or write other things. Helps it look old. (another Hobotraveler tip i picked up)