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Low Cost Carriers LCC Search Tool

2007-05-16 10:02:00

Low Cost Carriers
Atakpame, Togo West Africa
Wednesday, May 16, 2007

LCC - Cheapest Tickets on the Internet, maybe I have a search tool.

Low Cost Carriers or the LCC are a windfall for me and the world of travelers, or a curse if used wrong.

A LCC is a cheap airplane fare, not sold by a travel Agent, normally only sold on the internet, and purchased online using a Credit Card or Debit Card to pay, then you are issued an E-ticket.

The Tickets sold by Travel Agent are more expensive, however can sell combination and other constructed tickets easier. Plus you get advice on Visas, etc, and told many fun lies.

What would be nice is to search for LCC Low Cost Carriers from one city to another. I do not know how, presently go to this page of Wiki and find the country, and then spend a lot of time clicking.

Maybe this works, not sure yet, this needs a Beta Check by the Hobos.

Some person Rudy, profile on now shown, posted and off topic comment, then did not make a functional link, so I refused. However, the idea is novel and if it is true, is a great idea.

Search for a LCC from one city, then find where they fly?

I think it works, just did Bangkok, and all seem a go, a great tool. Craig of in Bangkok now, could figure out how to escape Bangkok cheaper.

Africa is dominated by expensive carriers, and seems to have a lock on the idea of making Air Tickets expensive; however, Europe and Asia are perfect places for LCC Flights.

WARNING: Check the weight, I purchased a ticket with for 4 pounds in the UK, and ended up paying 120 pound because of all the extra weight and other problems. Also, include the cost of getting to the LCC airport, the cost of a train from central London to Stansted was 15 pound.

The LCC will get you on the weight of your bags.

The link to the left should explain how to make a link function or clickable.

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Low Cost Carriers