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Love Enhancement Drug in 7-11

2009-07-07 19:26:11

Love Enhancement Drug in 7-11
7:30 am, I walked into the 7-11 diagonally across from my Hotel called the Stone House here in Malate, Manila. I buy a pop, thought to myself,
“The air conditioning here is good; I can sit at the bench in front of the window and relax, check my emails on the BlackBerry by Verizon and enjoy life.”

Manila, Philippines
Malate Area
Southeast Asia
Tuesday, July 7, 2009


This is Abdul; he is an Islamic man that brought his family here from the Island or Province of Mindanao in the South of the Philippines. I think he said his city is Zamboanga. This is close to Jolo and a maybe a hotbed of Islamic terrorist problems.

I asked him why he brought his wife and three children to Manila. He said,
“There are lots of problems in Mindanao.”

Zamboanga, Mindanao is a long way from Manila, and in my opinion, Abdul screwed up by coming here. Manila is the place where many people from the Provinces come to look for money.

He put this box up to the window of the 7-11 convenience store in the SNAFU manner of the Philippines. I thought to myself,
“I am safe, I am inside, and there is a cop at the door.”

I look at my Verizon BlackBerry, emails are downloading and making this clinging noise, there is too much concrete inside the Stone House and no signal, I will move today.

I look up and Abdul has sat down next to me, I know my time is limited, I know this scenario, and he will never leave.

He never left, I finally needed to leave.

Well, what the hell, I decide to turn this moment of annoyance into a human-interest story.

I do not know much about this drug; however hear the word on every corner here in the Malate / Ermita area of Manila. He wanted 1500 Peso for 20 pills, and then went down to 1200 slowly.

I got up and walked slowly back to the Hotel, Abdul was a good guy in ways, just wanted to feed his family. To slime stars above normal, not the worst of the bunch. I gave him 20 Pesos because I took a photo, he did not ask for money for the Photo.

I am walking towards the door, he says,
“300 Pesos.”

When a Philippines man ask me to buy this drug, I normally say,
“I don’t need this, do you?”

There is obviously a market for this drug here in Manila, it is offered to me on every corner. I suppose all the old men around here have a desire to be young again, they always say,
“You are only as old as the women you date.”

Ok, enough of the jokes for today, however Abdul needs some money for food for his family, he does have a job and I respect that.

I was told by my friend the Spy that the USA has special forces down in Mindanao whacking Islamic Terrorist. He said the war in Iraq and Afghanistan distracted the Press, while the Press focused on Iraq, the USA special forces could do their jobs in other countries better. The strategy is to kill strategic leaders around the planet, I do hope he is telling me the truth, there are a few too many trouble makers walking the planet lately.

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Love Enhancement Drug in 7-11