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Losing Interest in Haiti Fast

The place would be great, if I had not been to Africa five times. In many ways this is like China, you can order food, move around, but incredibly difficult to find an intelligent conversation. The language of business here is Creole; they do not speak French or English. They try to speak Spanish all the time, but do not know more than two words. I have yet to meet anyone with an education over third grade.

Yes, of course, I can go find educated people, but I came understand the culture of Haiti, not to hunt for rare cultures.

Miragoane, Haiti - Ayiti - Saturday, November 21, 2009
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The Lonely Planet devotes a whole chapter to Haiti Vodou. (Voodoo) Yet, where is it? If this is a major part of this country, I should be able to see something, I see nothing. I just am not in the business of making something out of nothing. This is not my first experience with Voodoo, I spent five months in Togo, went to Togoville the birthplace of Voodoo, I know Voodoo.

Port-au-Prince is a Tourist Disaster Area

Port-au-Prince, the Capital and center of everything and nothing is a zero on my wish list; I cannot muster the energy to explore the place. In what world does a city merit attention that has and does nothing, then wants you to pay 50 dollars for a Hotel room. I know why people pay it, to protect them from Haiti, not to visit Haiti.

Well, on Monday, I will venture into Port-au-Prince and hunt for a Travel Agent, if that does not work, I will go the Airport. After I am finished, I will get on a Tap Tap and head toward Cap-Hatien in the north.

I do not think of Port-au-Prince as dangerous, I think of it as expensive, the world poster child that lives close enough for a five hour flight to visit. The country is the ideal NGO-ONG, United Nations gives money to poor countries project. I am a country kid, I know when city folks are being stupid.

Please, the solution is simple, the people of Port-au-Prince, everyone inside, you need to move to a city away from Port-au-Prince. Do this and your life will be 10 times better. Immigration to the large cities has gotten out of control on the planet.

If someone wants me to live in Port-au-Prince a few days, I guess they need to Donate 200 Dollars, I am not going to pay to live in a zoo in a cage. I am more than willing to take a Tap Tap from one end to the other, I am not willing to pay for a room.

Losing Interest in Haiti Fast


I am thinking, what is the challenge to Port-au-Prince? Or Haiti?
It is,
1. Not Danger
2. Not transportation, extremely easy.
3. Not internet, this is everywhere but slow.

1. Find a room for under 700 good. LP cheapest is 1500.
2. Find a room in P.A.P. center, not in the suberbs like the LP.

Those two I can do easy.

1. Walking 10 miles with my backpack.
2. Trying to not get angry with the greedy Haitian owners of Hotels.
--- These owners are the rich get richer, and the poor get poore bunch.
This type of person would rape his mother for a buck.

I am trying my best to not critisize the Lonely Planet, it is making money by giving what the core buyers of books want. Zookeeper rooms that are nothing like Haiti, but lie all business hotels.

A person can go to any country if the will pay the Hotel fee.

To go to a country a have rooms for a good value in comparison to the local economy is the challenge.

Chuck, I am trying to be serious, even though I know you are doing exactly what your name neans in Thai language. Chuck WOW.

What do I owe? Nothing. What would I like to do. I would like to fine on reasonable price room in Port-au-Prince so backpackers would maybe come at backpaker prices.

The world of people seems to spend most trying to misrepresent the truth.
Or maneuver people for sadistic pleasure. Chuck... think about this I know you are smart.

I spend too much time trying to avoid annoying petty problems.