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Looking for a Place in Ghana for Christmas

I want to find a Hotel to stay in until after Christmas, I think it is time to rejuvenate myself by staying in one city for three weeks. Today I am going to return to Ho to see about living there. I have been talking with a girl there over the cell phone, and decided I need to say hello again, she is just too smart and pretty, I said goodbye too quick, a problem with quick travel, you never give the place a proper chance.

This is girl is one of the smartest and prettiest girls I have ever met in Africa, I realized I was frustrated with the Hotel in Ho.

There is a problem to be 100 free, I can go anywhere on the planet, this overwhelming number of options makes me a little crazy, hard to be happy with so many locations with greener grass on the other side.

Koforidua, Ghana West Africa --- Thursday, December 9, 2010


My Christmas options are:
Cape Coast - The Samma Hotel is good
Mampong - There is a Hotel called the Cinema Hotel that is great.
Kumasi, difficult, I do not know a good hotel, I need a name?
Ho where I have a friend, there is a couple better ones, I could pay more.
Bolgatanga in the North, but I do not know a good Hotel.

Slow Travel is Best
I am 100 percent aware that travel is stressful; it is more fun to stay in one location than to travel. There is this romanticizing of travel, it is not moving that is good, it is staying and getting to know the city and people that is good. Sadly, this depends first that you enter a Hotel with a happy face on it. There are cities I long to return to in Africa, for example I love Kpalime, in Togo and Natingou in Benin.

Johnny the pilot was going to come to Africa, complicated, but I realize now he may come to Africa, but I cannot change my plans for him, he is not prepared.

I will cough up the 400-700 dollars to enter a new section of West Africa by flying to Liberia after Christmas, either from Accra, Ghana or Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire. It is time to go to countries I do not know, where the air is fresh.

Looking for a Place in Ghana for Christmas


Though part of being 100 percent free and complicated by infinite choices is that you can always return to the places, the people that you know and like. Traveling is a gambler's game, we leave good people and fun places in the pursuit of other ones, but only one in ten times will we hit the jackpot. But, unlike gambling, we can always return to reclaim our investment. Go get her!


To be good travel advice, you need the price, "With no price, it is not advice, it is an advertisement." My six year old Lonely Planet says it is 30 dollar, or triple my normal budget. Having a Bar and Dance floor is not a bonus, I live on the road, I am not a tourist, I need homes, plus how do you stay on a budget, when you do not use it.

I doubt I will end up in Kumasi, I am not fond of big cities anywhere, just magnifies all the problems in life, and Ghana has enough problems, sort of Nigeria with a twist.

I am pretty great here in Ho with a 10 Dollar room in the Tarso Hotel, quiet, no bar, but a big television room and smiling receptionist by the name of Ivy. The taxis in Ho cost 50 cents if you are strict and tell them the price, not allow them to tell you the price. I have seen a few white people, the one I met Jack was wanting to work as a Missionary and on AIDS, I said,
"Well you are not alone."
--- "Project du jour."


Unfortunately with over 12 years of Perpetual travel experience, I have trouble relating to other travelers or tourist.

For example, you use the word "Adventure" loosely, I do not feel meeting another traveler as an Adventure. An Adventure is something done whereby, I could be killed, like bungee cord jumping, it is a Travel activity that not everyone will do.

This extensive thought or introspection causes me problem, it is seldom I meet another "Tourist," I close to never meet a traveler.... I never meet a tourist who lends me enough insight to help me learn.

I met two girls here in Ho, Ghana yesterday, the one was doing research, the other flew to meet the other from Botswana. They became annoyed when I asked the cultural question of how the men hit on them.

This is not politically correct, and they hedge, I wanted to understand the mating of men in Ghana as opposed to the USA culture. I feel the men are extremely passive when towards sex, but very aggressive in territory issues.

WOOOPPS over their heads, and they cannot be objective.

They are involved, therefore it was too personal. I can get a Ghana person to be more open than another Western Traveler.

I would not talk wth them in the USA because I would consider them sort of silly, why would I engage them here, they did not give any telltale signs of true intuitive understanding. They was here to pack their resume.