Lonely Planet Haiti in 2009

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I was able to purchase the Lonely Planet “Dominican Republic and Haiti” guidebook. I sometimes think I am going off the tourist path, however I soon realize, gee whiz, there is a guidebook…

Lonely Planet “Dominican Republic and Haiti”

Orland, Indiana - United States of America - Friday, October 30, 2009
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I always travel with a guidebook, even though this book cost me 21 U.S. Dollars, I am absolutely positive the cost will be offset by the money and frustration saved. Note, I do not read all the historical and liberal crap in the books until after I have been “in country” for about three weeks. If I want the historical realities, I get on Wikipedia.org; I save the confused commentaries for after my mind has a more balanced perspective. I want to avoid the garbage in, garbage out talk I incessantly hear from other backpackers, what they know about a place they have never been to be amazingly stupid.

Lonely Planet Haiti in 2009

Not to late to back out. I'm sorry I gave you the idea of letting your readers determine were you go. I think you have a group of evil minded readers seeking your demise. Where next ? Detroit !!

Good luck.


Chuck, I should be thanking you, there is nothing like the rush of going to a new country. Everyone on the planet seems to want to be in control, I long to be out of control living by my wit.