Living in the Sammo Hotel in Cape Coast Ghana

After only one night in Takoradi, Ghana, we packed up and took a 2-3 hour van ride to Cape Coast. We need to take a taxi to and from Hotels, it is strange, but 95 percent of the time in Ghana, I pay two Cedis for a taxi, you could use this number as the default cost of taxi, unless you was in Accra the capital of Ghana.

Cynthia must have smacked me five times on the way to Cape Coast, every time I would put my arm out the window, she would give me a hit. She finally explained,
"Do you want your arm cut off?"
If you were reading the other day, I explained on the trip from Mampong to Takoradi trip the van passed another car and did a small sideswipe that broke the side mirror. Again if my arm would have been far enough out the window at this time, it could have been cut off.

I was in a taxi that was sideswiped by a bus in Basrah Iraq, I went and reviewed the old Blog post, no mention of the accident, one of my memories that never were told.
Blog from Basrah
Basrah Iraq Newsletter

I have been in many cars that that have bumped each other, they just keep driving and normally do not stop. The bottom line is this, the locals are fully aware of, and the tourist need to know. There are people that lose their arms by hanging them out van or bus windows.

Cape Coast, Ghana West Africa --- Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Sammo Hotel in Cape Coast
I slept in the Sammo Hotel in August of 2009; therefore, this is a return visit to this great Backpacker Hotel in Cape Coast.
Blog Post of Prior Cape Coast Hotel Trip

I would estimate that I wish to avoid close to 9 out of 10 backpackers or tourist, there is the 10 percent though that is enjoyable. Cynthia and me went to the top of the Hotel and ate Fried Rice and she had Jolop rice, while we there two black American and a white American were sitting there ignoring us and avoiding eye contact, Therefore, when they stood up to leave, I introduced Cynthia and myself. I sort of lead in with,
"Cynthia is from Cote d’Ivoire, and I do not think she has every met a Black American."

Nothing connected, although the two Blacks who are extremely white compared to Cynthia were polite, and the man even spoke a little French were cordial, there as a separation, which was not possible to jump. It is extremely rare to see Black Americans in Africa, and I was hoping for Cynthia to have a chance to glimpse a world totally separated from her own. It did not happen other than she said,
"They are very white."
(The two black people.)

I questioned myself; it is not possible to ask Black people from the USA if they are black, the color issue is big. While Cindy constantly tell me,
"You are white, I am black."
It is refreshing to talk about the difference without a filter of anger between us, or any reason to walk on eggshells to avoid an argument. Racism is rare in Cote d’Ivoire, about 1 in 50 Ghanaians has a burr up his or her butt, and I have almost never experienced any racism against whites in Togo. Ghana is a small problem child, the Anglophone has a small anti-white problem growing here, and Togo and Cote d’Ivoire is it difficult to find. Truly, this is easy to avoid in Ghana, just avoid anyone with too much education, which is quite easy to do. This anti-white thing is more a fashion or trend that is erupting in Ghana now, I do not think there are any valid reasons, it is prejudice, and prejudice is by definition illogical.

Yes, Blacks are prejudice again Whites, and this is a huge problem in the USA, but not a problem in Africa. White in America live in fear, while anti-white racism is open, but then again, I do not live in America.

Prejudice Define:
A prejudice is a prejudgment, an assumption made about someone or something before having adequate knowledge to be able to do so with guaranteed accuracy.

Have you used the word prejudice? Have you ever read the definitions of Prejudice and Bigot?

Cynthia said,
"You are prejudice."
I said yes,
"I do not like American Girls."
I am not prejudice, I have a list of reason, but the truth is, I like American girls, but tend to avoid certain type that behave with an attitude prior to talking.

I advised Cynthia
"Please feel the people, make a decision, is this person good or bad."
"If bad, do not continue, trust your feelings and instincts, do not allow these people to enter our world."
(That puts a bend in the river… hehehe)

Jonas from Sweden
Later in the day, a man was standing at the balcony of the Sammo Hotel in Cape Coast taking photos for a long time. I finally went over to see if I should be taking a photo. Because I entered his personal space, I felt compelled to say hello and introduce myself. He was Jonas from Sweden, extremely intelligent and calm, on a two-week tour of Ghana, he has a guide, I saw him with a woman later, and that was one of the other 90 percent that is not so friendly.

Well, we talked for about an hour about the world, a mature and balance man of about 23 years old and a credit to his country. We exchanged emails, he wrote down his name, it was different and he said his family migrated to Sweden form Iran. It was an interesting and intriguing question in my mind about the nature versus nurture dilemma.

Anger to Control Me
I have not been around anyone that pouts or scolds in a long time, Cynthia is overly jealous and starts to pout quickly. An interesting and horrible thing to do, at first I paid attention, now I realize I must be clear with her.
"If you pout, I will let you do it alone."

Trying to control by using anger is intriguing to me, and I have negotiated too many business deals and arbitrated sales of "Real Estate." I know the moment temper rises; there is a person on the other end who wants to use anger and not reason or logic to win the discussion. Pulling away from the table is the only reasonable way to stop anger from entering the negotiations.

It is enjoyable to see Cynthia full of passion and anger, but this is not a good path to start. Being she is about nine on a scale of 10 of beauty, I am sure she has learned to open many a door with just a smile, truly beauty is a hindrance to learning.

I am rather a handsome man that is slowly having this ability go into hiding, it is annoying that I cannot just smile and get my way anymore, I have to truly work harder, there is nothing beneficial about aging. Beauty can grease the wheels of a sound and reasonable statement, the same as little Alpha Male domination, I know my skill sets and use them in a pre-meditated fashion with full situational awareness.

Meeting Travelers in Sammo Hotel
There are a few Hotels on the planet that people should live in not matter how much money they have, or how silly their fears and preconceptions are, and the Sammo Hotel is one.

1. La Espana in Lima Peru.
2. Platypus Hostel in Bogota, Colombia

There are Hotels that are the center of the Backpacker or Tourist Universe, these Hotels can be so educational, that to not enter and live in one for a week is to deny yourself one of the most beneficial travel experiences possible. There an inbreeding of tourist knowledge in Africa, impossible to just come here and talk without having a skewed impression. However, by coming to the Sammo Hotel in Cape Coast, you can find a cross section of travelers that will teach you about West Africa from many angles and perceptions.

Tourists say, "I am not a Backpacker." That is prejudice, not a reasonable statement. The word backpacker is just the type of luggage, we are all tourist. It is superiority complex that says you cannot live with the cheaper budget traveler, a personal and emotional problem. There are times when I need to live in Five Star Hotel, there are times when the Five Star group needs to stay in the Backpacker Hotels.

Living in the Sammo Hotel in Cape Coast Ghana

Neil V

I live vicariously through the Hobo.

I long to get back on the road to meet more of the people of this world in their own element.

Keep up the great work Andy.

Ps. Do you sell many off your photos at the $25.00 price.


Good to read some rational travel reasoning in a 'World Wide Web' that is 90 percent a lunatic asylum. I have about quit FB, except for a very friends, on Christmas Eve I sent someone Christmas and Holiday greetings, today one her FB friends I never 'met on line' sent me a message telling me to SHUT UP, no more, no less, I answered him or 'it', as well I mentioned to someone else I had Dengue Fever twice and be careful in areas infested nwith mosquitoes, some 'travel writer' chimed in, uninvited by telling me about some 'backpacker' they met in Belize had had Dengue 4 times and was bit by a Scorpion, I replied back I really did not care and stay on your own 'space'. 90 per cent of the world seems to wish to 'one up' one another, a few amazingly know it all after several weeks in my country or region, amazing abilities, when I lived in Guatemala I took the time to learn some of the Kak'chikel and Quiche dialects, the first language of most rural Indingenous in Guatemala, and spoke it with them when there were people around I did not wish entering a private conversation, in El Salvador I used to speak in German in public to a close El Salvadoran multi lingual friend of mine, on his advice, as many Salvadorans understand English, some quite well.
Spent the day with local friends, no questions to answer, years back when I had vehicles in Guatemala I was a guide and got paid to answer stupid questions, sometimes I would make up an answer, never told anybody "I don't know" that was paying me. 10 per cent of my 'clients' were amazing people from an array of countries, character and humility (being humble is being teachable) count, skin color, race, creed mean nothing in the end.
I respect the Guatemala Highland Indingenous in general for many reasons, one is they are some of the best fighters in the world, and my and other people's lives were saved more than once..nuff said
As for West Africans in 1983 I went from Warsaw to Moscow by train with 2 Ghanaians studying in the the then ultimate social paradise, The Soviet Union, I spent a night with them in their dorm, I was the only white person in the dorm, as they were segregated by race, in public Russians spit on me and called me a N--------- lover.
The kids from Ghana had a sense of humor and told me they would take their 'socialist education' and emigrate to the USA, hope they made it, they taught me how to smuggle Jeans, magazines and stuff from the West, helped me pay for the trip.
In NYC in the 1970s I worked with a Nigerian emigre who wrote a little book about being a Nigerian civil servant and all the and dash (bribes), thought it would be a dull book, it was one of the most sarcastic and funny books I ever read! Google it... "How to be a Good Nigerian" still on Amazon, I guess.
On the Web nuthouse I have been called 'racist' by pc ers, I grew up in US south in the 1950s as a closet Jew, marched for civil rights in early 1960s until Black americans in the 'movement' gently or not so gently told me Whites were not wanted in the movement..ok...after I sobered up and stopped people pleasing I became a more or less common sense conservative persons, no longer a little dog wagging his tail for acceptance..if people 'on the road' I meet do not accept got a nice lady there who worries about you, be grateful today. saludos Donald Lee, El Salvador.


Funny how random fatal or body damaging events can change one's life without notice. Falling coconuts harm more than a few people each year here in the Philippines and I'm sure in other tropical climates as well. While driving our Honda Civic up Mindoro Island at night going back to Manila from Boracay I had an sideswiping accident with a huge custom made jeepney/cargo truck. My first mental FLASH and physical RUSH was WOW how LUCKY I was as 4 to 6 inches more would have killed me an exact opposite view of my very typical female view HOW UNLUCKY we were to have gotten in an accident.

Your daily interaction experiences with your attractive young companion Cynthia reminds me of a trip I took in early 2008 in Cebu and MIndanao experiencing more karaoke bars, TV cartoons, MTV shows and shallow conversational exchanges than I ever remember. After 2 weeks I was more than ready to get back to "work" at a building expansion project and doing "my thing".