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Living Anywhere you Want Apartment in Ivory Coast

If you could live anywhere you wanted, where would you live? If you had enough money to live anywhere, where would you live? If your wife or husband did not refuse to come, where would you go?

These are not the benefits of being a World Citizen, the benefit is you can leave anywhere. There is never a reason to accept any location, culture, people or situation, when I learned this, I then understood the word nomad, I started always looking for a better, more optimal lifestyle. I am cannot pin it down to a specific year, but somewhere around 2008-2009 I accepted I could live anywhere I wanted. I became nomad, one of the extreme few on the planet. I was truly location independent years before it became trendy to say these words.

Bah looked at me about two month ago and said,
"You be Nomad."
(Please empathize, this is a French-speaking person, talking bad English, I am quoting.)

Bah is scared of me, here is the to three top reasons:

1. The possibility that I am married and have a wife somewhere.
2. That I am a nomad, and she know I can leave anytime I want.
3. The look in my eyes when I am dead serious.

Ivory Coast, West Africa --- Sunday, February 27, 2011


Travelers seldom live anywhere they want.
For the first eight to nine years of perpetual travel, I was still a tourist. I travel a linear path, starting in Mexico and went by land to Argentina, or I entered Thailand and went to Cambodia, Vietnam, came back to Thailand and went south to Malaysia, and Singapore.

Somewhere around 2008, I started making enough money to live in any country I wanted, including the USA or Europe.

What stops people from living anywhere?

1. Job
Normal jobs require you to come to work, even the people that work from home seldom live farther than maybe 50 miles from the main office.

2. Family
It is not love of family, it is withdrawal from family that stops people from moving away, the majority of people become homesick, insecure, and need to return to their roots.

3. Routine
People become radically angry at change, when people move, when any person travels the daily routine is disrupted. Many a traveler says to me,
"I came to see India; it is OK that my routines are disrupted."

This works for maybe three years, and this type of person goes home. I have an almost rigid daily routine, I practice it in all countries, I wake, drink coffee, work on computer, take a shower, then walk around for an hour or two looking for food and exploring. I then come back, read a book, watch a movie, take a nap, then around one or two, I take another walk. Normally, after the walk I find some trivial project to work on for the day, some need to do project, everyday of the week there is something on the list to do. At night is the problem time, I enjoy life most when I have a television in my room, because after reading for 2-3 hours in a day, I am tired, I just want to veg out and be entertained. This is the time when 99 percent of travelers go out and work on becoming alcoholics, it become an unbreakable habit, I am lucky, I kicked that habit 23 years ago.

Note, I have 250 movies recorded on a hard drive, this is wonderful, except they are in English and do not have French subtitles, living with a person disrupts my routine. Love has be spelled "C O M P R O M I S E"

4. Anger
Too many choices and people become angry.
Too many changes and people become angry.

The Myths of Change and Choice
I truly enjoyed, when Obama screamed out in his election campaign,
All politicians scream out change, and about the freedom of choice. I kept hoping that Obama was stroking the dream, and would give people what they truly want, security and safety. People want a leader that is strong, talks simple, understandable and makes them feel like they are a home under the protection of their parents.

Married adults like to return to their parent’s home for Christmas, it is a homecoming, there is a great feeling of coming home, to know you are under the control of trusted Mother and Father.

I think liberal could be translated to, "My parents are divorced."

Watch this Video to be Happy in Life
There is a myth that people want change, there is another false belief that the more choices the better. I watched a TED video on YouTube less than a year ago, where Barry Schwartz explains how people are not happy when there are too many choices, oops, they become angry, I am often angry because I have too many choices. I am frustrated; there is nothing that requires me to make a decision.

He wrote a book: The Paradox of Choice: Why More Is Less - Barry Schwartz

Internet Design
We are slowly simplifying pages, each page will have less information, and therefore lead to happy readers.

I 100 percent believe the mass majority of people in Ivory Coast are happier than people in the USA. 80 percent of the planet is happier than the people in the USA, which is because 80 percent of the people on the planet live in underdeveloped countries, the normal world, and not in the abnormal countries like the USA and Europe.

They have extended families, they never truly move away from the protection of their Mother, Father and family. They have few choices to make, they never earn enough money to be mobile, and they live within their choices. What truly makes them fat and lazy is the "resource curse." living is easy, food is plentiful, and they are in a tropical environment, there is no reason to work, a person can sleep anywhere.

Bah, I am not moving until it is obviously a good choice.
Now, if you keyed in on the operative phrase of this missive, you heard me write,
"The benefits of being a World Citizen is you can leave anywhere. It is not a benefit to have unlimited choices, that is a almost a curse.

Bah found an apartment, the monthly rent was ok, but they wanted six months advance, this would remove the benefit of my lifestyle, I would make a decision that took my money, I know me, I would still leave… hehehe

The more I studied her motivations, I realized she chose a neighborhood that was routine, she one time lived with her Aunt in the same area, she knew the area, she would be on familiar ground. I think living in the neighborhood would also be a higher status.

My comment was something like this,
"You want me to move away from a beautiful beach, where I can walk out my Hotel room and buy anything I need. There is a taxi that passes close every five minutes, and I can go anywhere?"

"I do not think that living outside of the city, on a high speed road, with a bunch of rich Ivory Coast idiots that drive cars and hide in their apartments is good. I do not care that some dysfunctional white men hide there also…. I do not want to take a taxi when I am hungry, I do not want to take a taxi to go eat, the neighborhood is bleak, there are no family restaurants around, and there is nothing, just a nice apartment."

I will not leave a good location until there is an obvious better location, there was nothing obvious, other than she could say to her friends,
"Look we are living in the exclusive area of Grand Bassam."

I sold real estate in the USA for 14 years, the majority of people wanted to buy a house in a trendy neighborhood, I would sometimes joke with them,
"You want to go live with a bunch of people you do not know, and do not want to know?"

Freedom is being able to leave, not staying, change and choice will just make you angry, strive to find routine, and walk away from stress.

My Hobo is now allowing you to upload unlimited profile photos.
Boy genius from India is working on profile photos, it appears that you can now put up many profile photos. Please look at my profile, I put up a couple more photos testing the system, however it is very much a work in progress, suggestions are wanted.
My Gadget profile on "My Hobo."

What are my Escape Paths from Ivory Coast


Go to the Abidjan Airport and fly to anywhere I do not need a visa to enter.
- A. Senegal
- B. Togo
- C. Europe

Where is possible for Bah

Go to Ghana, the country is about two hours away, I need a Visa and will apply for one on Monday.

It would appear Ghana is the cheapest, about 150 US dollars for a Visa, but to exit from Ghana I would just need to add the 150 dollars onto the price of airfare. Going to Ghana is just an easy way to delay my leaving this general area, not truly cheaper, I am not free, unless I want to go to Ghana.

Buy Anglophone to Anglophone Flights?
A flight from an Anglophone country to an Anglophone country is cheaper. I can fly from Ghana to England cheaper than from Ivory Coast to England.

Nevertheless, Francophone to Francophone are cheaper also, stay within the same language and life is easier and cheaper.

Abidjan, Ivory Coast to Senegal, Togo, and France is good.
Accra, Ghana to Liberia, Nigeria, and England is good.

Investing Two Months to finish the Book
I am committed to sitting here on my butt, for two months to finish my book. Providing I am able to stop arguing with Bah, a normal aggressive, demanding, selfish, self-center African woman, a normal girl here. Hmm, she is exceptionally pretty and twice as smart as average, all this is annoyingly dangerous and unpredictable. However, this is my normal life, an enjoyable level of chaos, and a room that is my sanctuary, my retreat.

Another Book Idea
Note, there is a stray thought that is telling me to jump over to a different book theme. Alternatively, more correctly, if I wrote a book, with a title something like
"The Special Travel Gear Needed to Travel the World." 50 Dollars worth of gear a professional traveler uses to convert any room into a home… because Home is where you are comfortable.

I am planning to write a series of books, as soon as I figure out and can implement the correct book formula. It is amazingly confusing, a book is written within extremely rules, formats and parameters.

I think this is the order I am going to use;

About the Author
Guide to this Book – Publishers Note
Table of Contents


There is one extremely unique problem for me, I commonly use about 300 specialized travel terms that nobody would understand. I must make a complete dictionary or glossary that will define these terms, whereby a reader can understand what is written.

I do not know how to work the references, glossary and all the rest yet, I am just coming to grips with he "Front Matter."
"The interior of a printed book usually comprises three major divisions: the front matter (also called preliminary matter or "prelims"), the text, and the back matter (or end matter)."
- The Chicago Manual of Style

A series of books builds on a similar theme; I am trying to break this down into building block or components. It took me 13 years to learn my lifestyle, it was the school of hard knocks, and many of the skills I possess I now take for granted. It is great to be with Bah, she has none of the skills and it is a constant reminder of the baseline knowledge I have, that others need to learn, to teach this, to write this guide, I need to start at the beginning, or it is just another travel book talking endless about a dream, but no clear methods or strategies on attaining the dream.

I guarantee this, I will not write anything that is not possible for all people.

People are happy living in rooms that are not annoying, people move out of hotels because the hotel is making them angry. I have a list of 25 types of gear I carry, with one goal, to not be annoyed by my hotel room, so I can accept more room, I do not need to search endlessly for a room with all the benefits I need.

Living Anywhere you Want Apartment in Ivory Coast

Brotha J

I too feel at home anywhere. I've never been able to settle in one spot for very long. It used to frustrate me and still frustrates others around me. Most of my friends and family still live in the same house with the same job in the same town, with the smae furniture and the same bread of dog (cause the other two died). I've always had this feeling that something was wrong with me because I was not satisfied with any given thing or place. It was only a few years ago that a friend of mine pointed out my internal dilemma. Now if you look the word up in the dictionary you will find it means " a problem offering at least two possibilities, neither of which is practically acceptable" Mine being adapt to this crowd of angry high wasted hacks, which is not acceptable to me, or realize that I'm a giant pearl in a clamshell ready to communicate with the world. I've tried for years to fit into this mold. Cause thats what we do here in America. Its been a soul sucking adventure and Its been a dying process. The funny thing is I've had the opportunity for years to be able to go nomad with web design and print work. Being a searcher has been in my heart since birth, but I was just afraid to take the leap fearing I would grow old with nothing and know one. I've come to realize after 20 years of torture that the only joy I have in life IS to travel and experience as much as I can. This is Voodoo in America. I find extreme joy in meeting new people and tasting new foods and smelling new smells whether foul or sweet. I have so many people in the world that our now my family and I can call anyone of them up for a longterm visit. This buzz has been slowly growing and for me is about to grow even faster and stronger. You see, the solution to my dilemma is not stay here to continue this sluggish fight. It is to take some steps to reveal my radiant nature and its ok. Ready. Begin.


Free software for writing books:

Cheers, Tim