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Listening to Bah in Ghana

On my last trip home to Indiana to visit friends and family, I asked Mike, a close friend a question,
"Have I changed because of my travels?"
He said,
"Yes, Andy you have become intolerant of annoyances, if there is a problem you leave."

The Travel Myth Dispelled
That was not the answer I wanted to hear, however, it was the answer I wanted to hear.

I wanted to hear this romantic answer,
"Andy, you have become kinder, wiser, since you started travel you have become content and happy, you are a better person."

Mike gave me what I wanted, an honest opinion, not some hokey, make-me-happy-lie that would give me a warm feeling until I realized it was a lie. Mike was a good friend, he told me what I needed to hear, not what I wanted to hear. I am grateful to have Mike as a friend.

Ghana, West Africa --- Thursday, March 24, 2011

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What my friends want from me?
My friends want me to listen to them and to be entertained, they want to hang out together and share the good times. They want me to assist them in being happy; normally this is a long list of ways to help them.

I have been listening to my friend Bah, and needed to say to her last night,
"Bah, you want many things."
"What are you going to do for me?"

Why I came to Ghana?
My came to Ghana for one reason, I wanted to stop worrying about Bah. After a lot of thinking and deliberating, introspection and weighing the pros and cons.

I then inserted this problem into the "Serenity Prayer."
God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.
. I use the Serenity Prayer as a way of making decisions.

I want to stop worrying that Bah would die in the war in Ivory Coast.

Can I change Bah situations, and stop worrying?
Or do I need to accept the situation?

I had the wisdom to know that by coming to Ghana, Bah would leave Ivory Coast and be safe, and I could end my worry. Bah is out of Ivory Coast, my worry has stopped, I have achieved my selfish goal. It cost me about 1000 US Dollars to stop worrying whether Bah was going to be killed, and some time, I have an overabundance of time, however the money is tight.

How did I convince Bah to come to Ghana?
It was extremely easy, I just said I was returning to Ghana, and she came. However, as I type this, I realize there was an implied offer to Bah.
"I will take care of you."
"I will supply enough money."
"Maybe I will marry you."
(Do not be anal here, by returning I am saying that option is on the table.)
"Maybe I can give Bah a half-white baby."

I have been listening to Bah for the last day, and she wants to collect on here list of wants, dreams and wishes.

Did Bah want to leave Ivory Coast because it was dangerous?
I think the answer was no, she wanted to leave only if her life became easier, it had little to do with danger. Danger is an amazing thing, people block it from their minds, and they refuse to accept it exists, in spite of all the evidence.

1. The Allasane rebels killed her uncle.
2. The Allasane rebels took her mothers home.
3. Gbagbo closed all the banks and there is no money to live.
4. Normal people have set up roadblocks very few miles, they carry big clubs and if a cars to not give them money, they will beat or kill them.

I looked at this way, she was standing on the railway tracks, a train was coming and I decided to run and tackle her so she was off the tracks.

New Danger Story
The Allasane rebels sent a letter to the chief in the village where the mother and father of Bah lives. It said, more or less you must leave the village, we are coming and will kill you. Bah said to me, her mother says no, she is tired of walking.

I said,
"Please call your mother and say goodbye."

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