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Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous in Guatemala

I enjoyed Sunday Brunch at Club Ven Aca on Lake Atitlan near the village of Jaibalito, Guatemala, it was pure luxury.

Club Ven Aca on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, swimming pool, hot tub, restaurant and the life of luxury for less than 5 dollars, I truly do live in Paradise.

Panajachel, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala --- Wednesday, May 19, 2010
By Andy Graham of


Three US Dollars

This is half an order of crepes, the two women I was with decided they needed to share, and I decided I needed to photograph the focus of their enjoyment.

Please Keep this Secret
My friend Mark came down to visit, when he went home friends and family asked him where he lived and how much it cost. When he said his room was seven dollars per night, he said,
"They got this glazed look over their face, and their brains stopped working."

I was laughing as he explained this to me over a free telephone call using I said to him,
"I can show photos, tell them, and readers and friends do not believe me."

No point in telling them, showing them pictures, there as some people on the planet that need to spend their money foolishly.

My friend John is coming down, I told him, you could get a two-bedroom house for 250 Dollars per month.
Belle Cottages

Alternatively, here is a studio style house for 150 Dollars per month, or you can buy for 25,000.

After 12 years of continuous travel, I am happy to say, I am in no danger of losing Paradise because nobody believes me. Personally, I know I deserve a life less normal, and I deserve the best the world can serve up, and I get it.

Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous in Guatemala