Letting Go of the World Travel Tip

The Conundrum of travel is, to enjoy travel a person should try to let go, because trying to understand ruins the trip. The world is too large, too mysterious, and too grand to be understood, it can only be experienced, and we can have interesting conversations about what we observed.

I meet many tourists, and a few wanna be travelers, invariably upon learning I have traveled for 12 years and visited 88 countries, they want to know.

What should I do in this country, which country is your favorite, where should I go? There is something about modern man who cannot relax and enjoy life, and they must make work of enjoyment. The prime directive of travel is to enjoy yourself; you do not need to make a todo list.

Panajachel, Guatemala --- Thursday, March 11, 2010
By Andy Graham of HoboTraveler.com


Todo List
I think of books like
"1000 places to see before you die."

I can see how this book would be useful, a person could check out the places recommended for one country before they left to visit a country, but generally just another todo list you will not complete, as if we need more guilt in our lives…

Although, I do promote a Bucket List, I do not suggest or promote the idea of trying to visit 1000 places or even making a short list, it is much better to wander through countries, without a care in the world.

Guilt Make a Horrible Traveler
I feel no guilt, I try to not feel guilty, I do my best. And I try to have great self-talk, when a person ask me,
"What are you going to do today?
I say
"Try my best to do nothing."

I just wander from thought to thought, I write this Travel Journal about some random thought that comes to my mind in the morning, and it is easier to write when I do not plan.

Some people say
"Let go and let God."
I can see this, but why do we need to give him a todo list, but it is the same idea, please get rid of all these long todo list we will never complete.

Letting Go of the World Travel Tip