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LETTER FROM READER why you may be receiving more hate mails

2003-08-24 00:37:00

I think why you may be receiving more 'hate' mails here recently is because you haved arrived in 'hot tropic (pun intended)' Iraq and are offering opinions and observation. Morons have taken their stance (pro war, anti-war) and more importantly identified themselves with their stance. Anytime they hear opinions contrary to their stance they take it personally. These are the hippies with credit cards, ivory tower ridden professors that have no empirical evidence compiled to their theories, artless/uninformed do gooders who for some reason do not realize there is Good and evil in this world and it is best to try to keep the evil in check at All costs. Some people don't like to be proven wrong others are so obstinate that they can never be proven wrong. Often they can't see the forest because of the trees....

Nonetheless, I think our administration has mishandled the reasoning for war, but I have been following this Iraq saga for some ten+ years and thought action was overdue. Saddam (along with Milosevic, Pot Pot, Mugabe, et al) basically 'nuts in your faced' the international community and UN and he and his cronies of fear were due for a lickin'. Unfortunately, in war, a lot of good guys have to go too (to a good place).

I have enjoyed your analysis/take on life and Iraq. I am gonna be very interested to see what Arab Baghdad is gonna be like. I will get you some PayPal here soon.

take it easy,

Dave -- from Houston

MY ANSWER: Very good. Nothing needed to add. I agree.