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LETTER FROM READER So... have fun, be careful

2003-09-09 00:04:00

Hello there!

Well...I must take a moment to thank you for doing your tour of duty and putting your self out there on the front lines for all of us. I wish I could join you; however, I am doing my tour of duty here.

From your letters: it sounds like you are finding it very interesting--a little dangerous maybe--but interesting.

Amigo ... The first rule of war is: keep your enemy close.

So... have fun, be careful, and prayerful!

Hugs, Linda


Please do not tell anyone this secret. If the whole world thinks the USA is stupid we are safer. The aldready believe this so it is easy to perpetuate this belief. I have no idea how they can think the USA became that rich by being stupid, but that is what they believe. So GREAT. Life is even better. Stupid people often get discount.

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