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LETTER FROM READER I am a 20 year old student

2003-08-22 07:18:00


My name is REMOVED TO PROTECT THE SILLY. I am a 20 year old student in

Virginia. My passion is for music, literature, and art. However, I am uninspired

by the place I live. Troubles and depression come my way and I blame it

on my locality. I have grown to dislike America and the American dream and

the roles people sacrifice themselves to be a part of. My first hunch is

that I should go to Central America or South America. My education tells me

that some of the most beautiful sites and cultured down-to-earth people

probably live there. I want to be a traveler who inspires people’s creativity

and spreads positivity from place to place. Unfortunately I have been

condemned to this one spot for nearly my entire life. Many of my memories are

painful so I must leave and find peace of mind and see beautiful places and be

a part of ingenious cultures uncorrupted by what corrupts. So I ask you,

an experienced traveler, for your advice. I need to know where to start

my new adventure. Can you point some direction for me? How should I get

there? What will I need to bring? Will I be allowed to cross borders? Is

there a way I can get financial help traveling or any sort of help? (I have

$2000 saved up to do this) What’s the best way for a traveler to keep in

touch with a select kin of people? I anticipate and fully appreciate your

personal reply. Let good times be with you.


Learn to love yourself before you leave the country.

In Peru you can learn how the piss on your foot.

You can learn how the Europeans will make a smart assed remark at every chance

because you are American.

You can learn how the Mexican guy talk the American girls into sex and then

try to make them a wife to pay the bills.

Ecuadorians just bump into you on the street.

Brazilians like to get drunk in the back of the bus and be obnoxious to women.

You can travel and could leave the USA because you have an American Passport.

Be grateful for what you got, and where you are born.

I have found that we are the only country that has the...

"Amercan Dream."

The rest of the world dreams about America and you see only what is wrong.

Go turn on MTV and stay home. You would not be a good representation of the


Note: 2000 Dollars would last about 1/2 year in South America.

And the women are great.