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Leaving Takoradi 30 Minutes after Sunrise

Leaving Takoradi 30 Minutes after Sunrise

If the bus or van leaves when full, then what times it best to leave the room? I do not like to wait for a van to load, from my experience, if you leave the hotel room shortly after sunrise you will normally catch the first van leaving the city.

What time is sunrise in Takoradi, I typed in "Sunrise Takoradi Ghana" in and got the answer, what a great toy.

6:22 am is sunrise, therefore I need to be out of the room before 7:00 am, eating a large breakfast guarantees you will have transportation problems. If you must eat a large breakfast than you need to take schedule buses, except, I do not believe there are scheduled buses to Elubo, Ghana.

What happens is this, people do not have alarm clocks here, and they do not stay up all night here, they more or less sleep and rise with the sun. Ok, it is like this, the sun comes shining into your window; you wake, pack and you leave the room. This takes roughly 30 minutes for the average person in an underdeveloped country. If you are going to take a shower outside with a bucket, it is best when the sun is coming up, there are no lights over out-door showers.

I do not like Schedule buses; they seldom leave before 10:00 am because the staff of anything formal refuses to work until they are forced each day. I want to arrive in Elubo roughly around 11 am; this may well be the optimum time to arrive in any hotel on the planet.

The staff again will not start to clean the rooms until about 10:00 am; the people living in the Hotel rooms will normally be out by noon. Somewhere around noon or before a good hotel will have the rooms mostly cleaned and ready to go, the best room in the hotel are not going to be available until last. I often sit around waiting for a specific room to open up, knowing the exact location of a room is important if I plan to stay a few days.

I had to carry water from the end of the hall to my room in the Cocoville Hotel last time; luckily, my room was close to the faucet. This is the first times I have ever needed to arrange a room close the source of water, so that could carry water to my room.

Takoradi, Ghana West Africa --- Friday, January 28, 2011


List of Titles to Capitalize
This is a long story I will tell in short style, our website can auto capitalize words. It will capitalize all the words in a title, but I am thinking, if we can give the computers a list of words to not capitalize, then we only have to deal with the first and last word, which I have learned is supposed to be capitalized.

Well, I am doing research, trying to learn the rules that could be applied to make all the titles automatically capitalized at an optimal level. There is no way a computer can do the job perfect, but we can come real close.

We are hiring data entry people from India or the Philippines, they will have many problems with English titles, this is mostly to help them, and indirectly I help myself.

Do you want to have a Travel Blog? This is the wrong question, the correct question is,
"do you want to be a writer?"
My Writing Blog, note that on this Blog is would be extremely valuable to have guest writers explain how to write, and take me out of the picture.

Shampoo is Difficult to Buy in Africa
Well, sometimes in Black Africa it is difficult to buy shampoo; I had to walk around yesterday for close to one-half hour to buy a bottle of shampoo. The boys here usually have short hair and the girls wear wigs or hair extensions and only shower their head once every couple of weeks. Generally, people to do not need shampoo, I am never clear what the boy do, and I truly do not want to know, better to stay away from this type of learning and observations.

Webmasters Conference Call
Once per month I attend a conference call with roughly 11 owners of large independently owned travel sites. I have been making this call now for almost one and half years, it is very beneficial to listen to owners of large sites explain how they manage their sites.

This is not an open group, it is by invitation only, and the big requirement is the owner of the site must be self-employed, earning all his or her income from Internet sites. This is not the want to earn money on the Internet group, this is the ones that do.

I will be telling the names of the sites soon, many well-known ones, because we are going to give away an around the world plane ticket for two people. It will be an extremely valuable trip to for the lucky couple or people who wins. We have worked on this for about one year, arranging sponsors and coordinating how we are going to put banners and stuff on hour sites.

Statistics of the 11 sites:
4 million Monthly Unique Visitors
31,500 e-mail newsletter subscribers
22,400 Twitter followers
12,200 Facebook fans
6,200 Blog RSS subscribers

Rituals of Voodoo in Ghana
Voodoo is a formal word for something that is normally pointed at Togo; however, Ghana keeps showing me their Voodoo mentality.
Vodun or Voodoo on Wiki

I had two truly stupid people who work for my present Hotel scream at me yesterday. Why? Because I stopped out in front and started to take a photo of the front of the Hotel. There is nothing more valuable than word-of-mouth advertising, and taking a photo is the pivotal need to help it work on the Internet.

By accident, I explained this to one of the main employees of the Amenla, my normal Hotel in Takoradi, and he said,
"You did not ask permission?"

I said,
"What is wrong with you Ghana people?"
"You should pay white people when they take photos of the Hotel."
"There is nothing more valuable for a Hotel than to have clients photograph the stupid thing."

I could rant about this for a long time, Ghana is a horrible place to take photos compared to Togo, Benin, or Cote d’Ivoire, the people are a royal pain the butt.

Well, he then said,
"You do know, we are afraid you will take a photo and do a ritual."
I looked at him,
"You have to be able to adjust your brain, what is wrong with you? You surely do not think that White people are going to curse you hotel."

This is the problem, the Ghana people apply one almost voodoo rule to all photos, and one rule to all people, and in reality, and it is groupthink. This country becomes almost dangerous for normal tourist to walk around in and take photos. This is why guided trips to Ghana may be needed for 90 percent of the naïve tourist, the guide can protect you so you can take normal tourist photos.

I just looked at the two men who were threatening to take my camera, and said with my eyes,
"You take one step closer, and I beat the shit out of you, and I will enjoy it."

They stopped, but this is not prime time tourist behavior, I am one of National Geographics Top 10 Adventure Travel Bloggers, and I am not a normal tourist. --- Adventure Folks--- because I enjoy going to some dangerous places like Iraq, etc.

(Note; I am thinking about making a one-day dash across Cote d’Ivoire to Liberia.)

I am always amazed at the primitive thoughts that come out of people dressed in formal work clothing, they can be wearing a tie and be thinking like a person on a donkey.
My Adventure Blog.

People reading about Africa have almost the same mentality, there is a desire to think and say, all people in Africa are poor, that somehow this place is dry desert. There are stereotypical views that I read in comments that are just as primitive or underdeveloped and naïve. It is annoying to write about Africa, the readers think I can go on Safari and see Giraffes and Elephants, yes in East Africa. This continent is huge, I think roughly 52 countries, and Europe is s dinky place on the map.

The West Africans ate all the big animals…. hehehe

Stereotyping of thoughts about Africa is considered acceptable, and it is, but sometimes it just tells me how little people really know about anything global. Africa generally is a poor place in comparison to the USA, but it is not poor in comparison to South America or Central America, it is about the same. However, it is drier here, and the dust makes it feel dirtier, but it truly is not, dirt is natural, this is not garbage.

The unnatural crap truly makes me feel like I am in an unsanitary country, for example in India, there is little trash in piles that can surround you. I took photos of children walking on trash in the water in Manila Bay Philippines

Manila Bay Philippines --- Click here for more photos of Manila Bay like this.

The problems in life revolve around cities, it is the cities that cause water, sewer, and social problems, you put too many people in one place, and you have problems. I am only worried about population density, and this is in Africa is maybe Nigeria and South Africa, I am not sure, but my guess is these two country are places are could have the same type of problems as maybe Manila.

New York City has severe problems in areas; Miami is more dangerous than Africa on any given day of the year. What is always possible on the planet is to rent a car, and accidentally drive right into a neighborhood that is dangerous. Hard to do in Africa, but easy to do in the USA, there are few guns here, only in the hands of the police.
--- Ergo the reason for the right to bear arms in the USA, a long time ago, the USA had the same police and military problem as Africa.

Ok time to pack for Elubo

Food.. I miss food
I was just thinking about Pizza at Greenwich Restaurant in the Philippines, it is tough in Africa to eat food that is acceptable to me. I am not going to eat typical Philippines food, it reminds me of Africa food, but Asia always has a way to stop into my own culture to eat, Africa has a way for me to step in to French food, but I am in an Anglophone country…. Ooops.
Greenwich Pizza

Why did I put that Greenwich link? Maybe the company finds it, and could decide to advertise on my site.

Leaving Takoradi 30 Minutes after Sunrise