Learn Tagalog in Baguio Philippines

Learn Tagalog in Baguio Philippines
I found a great reason to learn Tagalog, the common language used in the Philippines. I can text message Transient rooms or Apartments using Tagalog and the owner will text back closer to honest prices.

If I write an email and the price is 4 times higher than the the Philippines people pay and normally they do not reply.

If I call talking in English, I wlll pay four time more, the English speakers tax.

To get them to lower their price is almost impossible, some Philippines culture goal, I need to make the foreigner pay mentality.

Send a text message in Tagalog by cell phone, get a few replies in Tagalog, then after you know enough to proceed, you have a Philippines person call on the phone to nail down the price before you go look. I feel this is the best way to rent anything in the Philippines, there is almost zero transparency.

Baguio, Philippines
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Tuesday, July 28, 2009


How to learn to text message in Tagalog

This is Paul sitting in the Red Lion Pub and Inn teaching me Tagalog for Free… He is married to a Filipino girl who can also kick butt on rental calls. Paul was a linguist in the US Military, he speaks both Tagalog and Korean, and he is truly an expert, not just a local with no education teaching a language. I speak three languages, English, Spanish and French fluently, this man has more knowledge about languages than I have ever met on planet earth. He knows how languages work.

How to get a cheap apartment or room in Baguio?
Example, I text messaged a Transient Room number I found on the Internet in English. (Wrong way to start) The person came back with a daily price of 2000 Pesos or 60,000 Pesos per month. We then text messaged in Tagalog, and the person instantly replied back.
“Call me.”

Funny, the person wanted to learn whether they could rip us a new one, or they had to be serious, does this person speak English? We had Paul’s wife then call the Apartment or Transient room, it was too funny. The price went from 60,000 Pesos per month, 1200 US Dollar down to 15,000-20,000 or about 300-400 Dollars per month. I am now looking around and will only text message in Tagalog, I will never call or show my face, I need to get the price down to reality.

I do not have a little Philippines girl in tow to do this, I am with a Thailand girl, and we are soft target, but not now because of Paul’s expertise in the Tagalog language. I want to do this in five days, not five weeks, this all feels incredibly scammy.

Note, he needs a project, he says he is teaching free, I think a person needs to give a donation, or buy plenty of beer. To find him ask around in the Red Lion Pub and Inn. I would give you the email or cell phone number, but better if he writes a comment to do that.

Learn Tagalog, a great way to understand a culture, I truly do not believe you understand the nuances of a culture until you speak the language. I speak French that gets most of Africa; I speak Spanish that covers Central and South America.

Stop paying the English Speakers Tax here in the Philippines learn enough Tagalog to get the price down from rip-you-a-new-one status. Do not be the next stupid foreigner to enter Baguio…

I am now walking around in areas where I want to live, I am writing down the telephone numbers and I will text.

Tagalog on Wikipedia

A two bedroom apartment as best I can suss out, should rent between 10,000 and 15,000, if close to the center 15,000 and if far away 10,000 per month. I think JD has his finger on the pulse of the correct values.

Learn Tagalog in Baguio Philippines