Laoag City Philippines

2009-08-10 17:37:32

Laoag City Philippines
Here are many Photos of Laoag, Philippines. This city in the North part of the Island of Luzon is a Traveler’s breath of fresh air, truly an easy city. I doubt you could convince tourist to stay in Laoag for more than a stop for the night, but for me it was a paradise, everything was within walking distance, a good travelers nest.

If you want to go to Pagudpud, it is easiest to take a bus from anywhere Philippines to Laoag, stay a night, and then take the last two hours of bus the next day. However, as best I can tell, Pagudpud is effectively closed during rainy season.

We stayed in the Tiffany Hotel for 630 Pesos, within two-three blocks we found everything a traveler needs. This is a city where you can walk around and see many different things without a hassle, and then if you want a Tricycle taxi is standard 20 Pesos for two people inside the city.

Typical Food Market
Great Architecture, old building, probably same as Vigan.
Jollibee’s for Breakfast, 2 Pancakes of 42 Peso, steak and eggs for 58 pesos for the Thai girl.
WIFI in the Tiffany Hotel room that worked one time but never again, probably better to go live in the Isabel Suites, the Texicana is too far away from this center.

Normal priced Bakeries; this is perfect for a Thailand person who does not know bread. (Many American priced ones are boring.)
Bus Hub, they start here, they end hear.
Bus station on 20 Pesos away by Tricycle Taxi.
Rooms better quality than Vigan for about the same price.
Partas bus station is huge and organized.
Buses that leave for Pagudpud every 20-30 minutes.
Macy’s 50 diners that is horrible, but reminded us of the 50 Diner in Baguio.

Laoag City Map

Laoag City , Philippines
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Monday, August 10, 2009Laoag City Hotels

Laoag City, Philippines Sinking Bell Tower

Year 1612, I am not sure if Vigan or Laoag is older, the two cities are both important from an Architecture point of view.

Laoag City, Philippines Sinking Bell Tower

Laoag City Philippines Church

This plaque says the church was first built in 1580; this may be one of the oldest tax collection offices in the Philippines.

Another Photo of the Bell Tower in Laoag, Philippines.

It is a question mark whether these horse drawn carriages in Laoag, Philippine are a tourist attraction or just public transportation. They were lined up at the food market waiting for rider’s right next to the Tricycle Taxis.

Laoag City on

Laoag City Philippines

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